Burgerhead & Mean Jerry Book Series Review

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Burgerhead & Mean Jerry is a new book series by Dan Madson that is written for kids ages 5 to 12. The series features two boys, Burgerhead and Mean Jerry, who are different in many ways but still become good friends. 

These books are perfect for kids who are transitioning from picture books to beginner novels, as it is a bit lengthy but has colorful and fun illustrations by Veronika Gonchar. 

I loved that the author included his grandson when writing the books. It definitely has a childlike charm. I especially enjoyed the second book in the series as we have chickens! 

Read the full reviews of both books below.

Burgerhead & Mean Jerry Become Friends Book Review

Burgerhead & Mean Jerry Become Friends is the first book in the series. It introduces us to the two boys. Burgerhead loves grapes and lives in a big house in a small town. Mean Jerry lived in a small house in a big city and has one dog, but then Mean Jerry moves to the small town where he becomes Burgerhead's new neighbor. 

At first, the boys seem very different, and while Mean Jerry can be mean sometimes, he is also nice. The boys decide to go on a bike ride together. Mean Jerry learns an important lesson about being kind to others, including squirrels, when he has a bicycle accident. Burgerhead gives Mean Jerry a ride home on his bike and they begin planning their next adventure. The two have officially become friends, proving that even if two people are very different, they can still be friends.

Burgerhead & Mean Jerry Visit The Farm Book Review

In the second book of the series, Burgerhead and Mean Jerry Visit the Farm, Burgerhead invites Mean Jerry to his uncle's farm. The boys are given the task of collecting eggs from the chickens, but then Mean Jerry forgets to close the gate when they leave the coop, so all the chickens escape. The boys are then tasked with rounding up all the chickens and putting them back in their run. 

This story teaches the importance of listening and owning our mistakes. Mean Jerry would not have forgotten the gate had he listened to Burgerhead's uncle when he was giving them directions. The boys take responsibility for their mistake and correct it by gathering up all the chickens. This time they make sure the gate is shut before leaving. 

Where Can I Find Burgerhead & Mean Jerry?

The first two books of the series are now available on Amazon. A third book is in the works, so be sure to follow Skrive Publications to know when it is available!

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  1. I love the artistic view on developing such important character traits for our little ones!

  2. These sound like great books to add to my girls' collection!

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  4. These sound like great books!

    1. My daughter is in that transitional age from reading only books with pictures to now reading novels. The Burgerheard sounds like an interesting book. Will check it out for her.

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