Mar 23, 2020

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Short answer: No

Pranks May Not Necessarily Be Bad, But They Are Not Nice

April Fools is the day for pranks, but let's be real here, pranks are not nice. Does that necessarily make them bad? Well, that's highly up for debate. In my opinion, pranks are just one step away from being a jerk and possibly a bully if the same person is pranked over and over again.

Hansen O'Haver wrote a post on Vice why Pranks Are Bad and she sums it up pretty well:
There's a pretty simple way to tell if a joke is offensive: If the punchline is the victim, the joke is probably bad. Pranks take this one step further. They not only laugh at the victim, pranks create a victim for the sole purpose of laughing at them. If that's your idea of a good time, maybe you're the April Fool.

When I originally posted this on Facebook for family and friends last year, I learned that many family members actually didn't mind being pranked, so I guess if you truly know the person you are pranking it might be okay, HOWEVER, that does not make it "nice."

According to Oxford, "nice" is defined as: "Pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory."

I fail to see see how covering someone's stapler in jello is "nice," or how tricking someone into eating an onion that looks like an apple is "nice." To me, these are unkind acts. "Unkind" is defined by Oxford as "inconsiderate and harsh to others."

Now maybe if you somehow know your friend is okay with a prank it could be considered "considerate," and the best way to know is to ask! However, that kind of takes away from the point of a prank and I think the chances of someone saying "Yes" to being pranked are pretty slim. Even though I had pretty persistent family members saying they were okay with pranks, I am skeptical that if asked "is it okay if I depants you in public?" that many of them would say yes.

My Personal Experience Being Pranked

Maybe I'm a sour apple, but I still remember being pranked in elementary school and it still hurts to this day. I'm not friends with any of those girls anymore (probably a good thing), but that one act left a lasting impression on me and caused me to be more anxious about sleepovers.

I was at a friend's house for a sleepover. Some of us decided to sleep, others stayed up and watched videos in another room. The girls who stayed up thought it would be funny to hang a pair of underwear on the ceiling. Guess whose underwear it was? Yup. It was mine.

I was one of the few to wake up and see it. Someone asked whose it was, but the girls who did it didn't tell and went back to watching videos on a computer in another room.

I waited till the other girls went back to sleep. I just had a sinking feeling it was mine, and, of course, it was. I took it off the ceiling, rolled it up, and shoved it in my pillowcase.

I later found handwritten notes in the bathroom that some of the girls were passing back and forth. They had purposely tried to figure out what bag was mine. I was singled out of all the girls at that sleepover and it hurt. These were people I thought were my friends.

It was kind of a bad prank as no one even seemed to notice the underwear had disappeared and it was easily forgotten by everyone, but, of course, me as I still remember that moment to this day.

That's the problem with pranks, they are usually only funny to the people who are doing them. The person who is the butt of the joke often does not often share in their laughter, and even if they do, it's most likely because they don't want their friends to think of them as a poor sport.

What About Surprises?

When talking to my husband about if there was such a thing as a "nice prank," we came up with "surprises," like a surprise birthday party, or when someone surprises you with a bouquet of flowers. Like pranks, these are unexpected acts, but instead of having unkind results, these are actually nice gestures.

Also, in my search for "kind pranks," I came across this article on Sherrie's Berries, titled 13 Nice Pranks, where it lists a prank or trick like:
Cover their bedroom door, their car or their desk at work with multicolored Post-it® notes.
And then adds a "treat" to go with the trick:
Depending on who you’re pranking, write short and sweet love notes or kind thoughts on every note.
So in a way, a surprise could be considered a "nice prank."

Instead of pranks this April Fool's, I highly encourage you to consider skipping the holiday altogether, or instead, give someone a sweet surprise. Trust me, they will appreciate the surprise way more than they would the prank.

Mar 15, 2020

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Feb 24, 2020

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Feb 12, 2020

Disclosure: I received a copy of Dark Agents: Violet and the Trial of Trauma for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

New graphic novel coming out in March: Dark Agents: Violet and the Trial of Trauma by Janina Scarlet.

Available for Preorder on Amazon!

About The Author & New Series: Dark Agents

Dark Agents is written by US Clinical Psychologist, Janina Scarlet. Janina Scarlet was awarded the UN's Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award for developing 'Superhero Therapy.' She experienced trauma as a child when she was exposed to Chernobyl radiation before arriving in the US as a refugee and is now helping teens through her new series, Dark Agents.

In Janina Scarlet's new graphic novel, Dark Agents: Violet and the Trial of Trauma, Violet, a young witch, is battling to overcome the trauma of witnessing her parents’ murders, at the hands of one of the magical world’s most wanted villains.

Violet is selected to join the Underworld Intelligence Agency (UIA) at the age of 19. The UIA is an organization that was created to help keep the peace between magical and non-magical beings. Violet begins her training in magical law enforcement but soon finds the greatest challenges she faces are within herself.

With the help of her fellow students and her professors, Violet begins to process the trauma she experienced as a child. She learns mindfulness, self-compassion, and acceptance as she slowly starts to overcome her fear of death, self-doubt and struggle to control her emotions.

How Can Fiction Help Teens Overcome Trauma?

How can fiction help teenagers be heroes in their own journeys?

From the Author, Janina Scarlet:
Most teens are not taught how to understand and cope with some of the challenges that they face, such as bullying, social pressures, and mental health. Through fiction, kids, teens, and adults can learn to identify their emotional experiences, learn that they are not alone in their struggle, and learn tools to help them manage their mental health. 

How can fiction help young adults fight trauma?

From the Author, Janina Scarlet:
Many people who go through a traumatic experience begin to isolate themselves from others, often shaming themselves for the traumatic event, or believing that others cannot understand what they are going through. Fictional characters undergoing a traumatic experience can help people to recognize that they are not alone in their struggle and learn ways of asking for help.

For example, many survivors of sexual assault reported a strong identification with Marvel’s Jessica Jones, especially as portrayed on Netflix. Seeing how Jessica isolates after her assault has reportedly allowed many survivors to see how social isolation can make the trauma survivor feel worse. And through seeing Jessica’s experiences, many trauma survivors are able to see that they are not alone.

In ‘Dark Agents,’ the readers learn about Violet, a young girl, who was persecuted for being a witch and whose parents were killed by an evil necromancer. Violet spent most of her childhood and adolescence in survival mode, never having the safety or the skills to cope with her traumatic past. When Violet joins Hades’ Underworld Intelligence Agency in order to learn to fight supernatural monsters, she realizes that she must also learn to face the internal monsters of her past.

Why is Mental Health for Teens Important?

  • 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year (source).
  • 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14 and 75% by age 24 (source).
  • 70% of adolescents experiencing mental health problems have not had appropriate treatment early enough (source).

As someone who suffers from anxiety due to a traumatic childhood, who didn't see a therapist until she became a mother, I highly encourage talking to your kids at a young age about mental health and getting them the help they need. It is a lot easier to overcome trauma when young than it is as an adult.

Why did I wait so long?

Mental Health is so stigmatized that so many go without help, including me. Also, many teens lack the resources to help them. They don't know who to turn to. It can be even harder when the traumatic events are taking place in your own home. Who do you go to when you can't talk to your parents?

I believe the first step is to "normalize" mental health so more teens and adults aren't afraid to ask for help, whether it be from a friend, a school counselor, a therapist, or their parent. If they can't afford these things or don't have anyone they feel safe enough to talk to, then access to books, like Dark Agents, would be the next best thing to help them heal.

Untreated trauma can have tragic consequences.

How can teens (and adults) help fight the stigma around mental health?

From the Author, Janina Scarlet:
The best way that teens can help fight stigma about mental health is by sharing their experiences. I have worked with many teens in therapy, who after learning about managing their mental health, went on to start a mental health club in their high schools. In these clubs, the students meet and discuss what they are going through, support one another, watch movies (e.g., “Inside Out”) or read books related to mental health and discussions about mental health coping skills.

Why we need to raise awareness of teens with PTSD?

From the Author, Janina Scarlet:
To this day, many people think that PTSD is something that only active duty service members or combat veterans have. However, most people will experience at least 1 traumatic event in their life, such as a car accident, sudden loss of a loved one, school shooting, sexual or physical assault, bullying, and other types of trauma. Of those exposed to trauma, approximately 10-20% might develop PTSD, while others might recover naturally over time.

Nowadays, many teens are exposed to trauma of some kind. Untreated mental health disorders, such as PTSD and depression can put people at higher risk for suicide. Unfortunately, suicide is now the second leading cause of death in teens and young adults. Therefore, raising awareness about trauma and its effects on mental health can potentially save lives.

Final Thoughts

I may be a 28-year-old adult, but I loved this book. I have been reading manga and watching anime since I was in middle school. These were actually my ways to escape the reality I lived and are what inspired me to write. I wrote a lot of stories through high school, most of which cause me to laugh when I think about them. There was so much I didn't know back then as a kid. My writing has since matured and even now I have dived back into the fanfiction world.

I loved how the book incorporated mindfulness and through the characters, showed techniques on how to combat negative thoughts.

Even though I have gone to therapy myself, the "feeling grounded" technique was new to me and definitely one I practice now. Though Violet, the main character, has a more traumatic past than I could relate to, I could still relate to how she felt. There are plenty of other characters in the book struggling with their own demons, many of which are easier to relate to, so definitely recommend giving it a read!

Overall, I think every teen, young adult, and even adults should give this book a shot! The story is full of magic and well put together. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

Available for Preorder on Amazon!

Feb 8, 2020

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Jan 20, 2020

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Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for unique gifts! Plus it's a great way to help support small businesses! Here are some of my favorite, and unique finds that won't' break the bank and would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for her.

1. Yoda One For Me - Baby Yoda Gift Mug

Baby Yoda is so popular right now, so if your girl is into Star Wars (and baby Yoda), then this adorable mug would make the perfect gift, plus you can fill it with chocolate!

2. Grey Fingerless Gloves With Red Hearts 

These gloves are so cute! The perfect way to keep your love's hands warm and show her you care!

3. Peanut Butter Spoon With Name

How adorable is this? The perfect gift for the peanut butter lover in your life! Pair it with a jar of peanut butter and you are all set!

4. Constellation Bracelet
Jewelry is always a great gift idea for Valentine's day and this constellation bracelet is so unique and beautiful! Plus a great way to show her you pay attention to the details as you will have to know her zodiac sign.

5. Dainty Multi-State Necklace
This necklace is adorable and you can customize it have the states that mean the most to you, like the state you met in and/or the state you got married in.

6. Personalized Ring Dish
How beautiful is this ring dish? I love the teal and gold colors and you can customize it with your initials. It would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift!

7. You're My Lobster Socks
If your sweetheart is a Friends fan, they would love these adorable socks! I want a pair of my own!

8. Portable Jewelry Box
A wonderful gift for the traveler in your life! Bonus: you can add some jewelry to go with it.

9. You're Not The Worst Candle
If your lover has a sense of humor and also likes candles, then this would be the perfect gift! 

10. Message in a Bottle Bath Bomb
Give your girl the gift of relaxation, a bath bomb, and when she uses it she'll find a secret message in a bottle just from you. It's two gifts in 1!

Jan 16, 2020

Disclosure: The following books were gifted: Benji And The Giant Kite, Stir Crack Whisk Bake, How To Catch series. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

We have been reading to our daughter since the day she was born. As a baby, we could pretty much read whatever we wanted to her, but as a toddler, she has started choosing her own books. Here are 15 of her favorites that we often read to her.

1) Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann


This is a cute story about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink! It's so much fun to read and makes our daughter laugh each time.

2) Benji And The Giant Kite by Alan C. Fox

This was originally a book I had gotten in exchange for a review, but it quickly became one of our daughter's favorites. It's about a boy who loves kites. She loves the dog and points it out on each page he is on. See this post for the full review!

3) Duncan the Story Dragon by Amanda Driscoll 

Duncan is a dragon who loves to read, but he has one small problem, every time something exciting happens, he burns the book! He sets out to find someone to read to him. Our daughter loves the dragon and feels bad for him when the animals won't help Duncan because they are afraid of him.

4) Goodnight Unicorn: A Magical Parody by Karla Oceanak

Our daughter loved unicorns, and she usually picks this one over Goodnight Moon (which we also have and enjoy reading to her). It's a cute little parody for unicorn lovers!

5) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. 

For parents who have to read the same thing over and over again, this is a super easy one to memorize, haha! Our daughter loves this one and will even "read" along with me.

6) A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton

This is such a fun and unique book from Usborne. It features the same story but told from two different points of view. There is a great lesson in this book about how we may see situations differently depending on what side we are on. Our daughter loves the "strange little beast."

7) I'll Wait, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Mr. Panda is making something special, but no one wants to wait except for a penguin. A great book to teach little ones about being patient and waiting. I think our daughter loves this one because my husband and I have too much fun reading it and yelling "I'll wait, Mr. Panda!" So much fun to read!

8) Harold and the Purple Crayon: Dinosaur Days by Liza Baker

Our daughter became obsessed with dinosaurs when she was 2, so this quickly became her favorite book as it was the only dinosaur book we had on hand! She loves pointing out all the dinosaurs she sees.

9) Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

The first Harold and the Purple Crayon book, which our daughter loved for us to read to her before she discovered dinosaurs and prefers the Dinosaur Days book.

10) Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Our daughter fell in love with this book when she was one. We believe it was the colorful and cute illustrations that got her attention. We had the hard book version, but she ripped a couple of the pages, so we ended up getting the board book for her as she loved it so much.

We recently added the sequel: Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True to her library and she loves that one too.

11) Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin

This book is so much fun to read. Our daughter likes to say the "click clack moo" part with us when we read it. Such a unique and funny story about cows typing to the farmer!

12) Stir Crack Whisk Bake by America's Test Kitchen

I just love how interactive this book is! There aren't flaps or any touch and feel, it's just a regular old board book, but it has you pretend to move eggs into a mixing bowl and frost cupcakes (our daughter's favorite part!), so simple and imaginative! Our daughter loves to also take this one with her to bed and we can see her on the monitor doing the motions with her hands on each page.

13) How To Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace

The How To Catch series is so much fun to read. We have the dinosaur, unicorn, dragon, and elf books, but our daughter's favorite is the dinosaur one as dinosaurs are her current obsession. 

14) Five Little Kittens by Nancy Jewell

Our daughter went through a phase of loving cats, and this was one of the few books we had about cats that she loved! A very simple, but a cute story about five little kittens and their toy mouse.

15) Are You There Little Fox? by Sam Taplin

This is a great series from Usborne, and her favorite was the fox. We also have the bunny, elephant, and unicorn books. Short, but a lot of fun to read with some fun finger trails for toddlers.

You can find all of these books and more in my Amazon Shop!