Is Marriage is Just a Piece of Paper?

Is marriage just a piece of paper?
I hate this statement with a passion. It is one thing to not get married because you are not ready or you have other, personal, feelings towards it, but using the excuse that it is just a piece of paper is incorrect. No one says "it's just a piece of paper" about their social security card or their birth certificate, so why should marriage be any different?

A marriage license is a legal binding contract. If it was just a piece of paper, you could tear it up and be divorced, but you can't, you need a lawyer.

If it was just a piece of paper, then why does it give you so many benefits? You can use your spouse's insurance, you can get family rates and discounts, you can file jointly for taxes, allowing you to get more money back, etc. There is a whole list of the benefits of being married, which you can read here

If marriage is just a piece of paper, why do so many homosexuals want it (and I believe they should be allowed to marry)? Obviously, it must be more than just a piece of paper.

There are also some people who are together, have kids, and just do not get married. They are happy where they are. I don't think I will ever understand this. You get so many benefits from being seen legally as a couple, so why not just get married? You love each other, you don't plan on leaving each other, so why not? It makes legal matters less complicated. For instance, If you die, your spouse will automatically get your life insurance and vice versa. If you are not married, this could be more difficult unless you have a Will and it states you want your money to go to your partner, otherwise it defaults to going to your parents or your kids, as you are not considered a family member if you are not married.

It is a shame how marriage today is seen either as nothing (just a piece of paper), or a show: "Everyone is doing it, so I need to have a wedding." It is rare to find a marriage that lasts till "death do us part" anymore. People either rush in or decide not to at all. There are very few couples that make it to happily ever after.

To us, marriage is not just a piece of paper or a contract, it is a promise, it is unconditional love. We are dedicated to each other. We may have only been married for two years now, but we have been together for a total of five. Some would still say that is not very long, but I think we have the right idea. After all, our marriage has lasted longer than some celebrities and others we know. Only time will tell, but I think as long as we stay dedicated to each other, we will make it to death do us part.

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