50 Shades of Grey Update

Some of you might remember my previous post: Fifty Shades of Abuse. Well, I finally was able to get the movie from my library and yes, I watched it. I could not finish the book, and so I figured I would watch the movie to see what happened.

The abuse that is present in the book was not as obvious in the movie. There are only a few creepy scenes: Christian shows up at Ana's workplace, he shows up at the bar, he is upset she is visiting her mom and then he shows up at her mom's, but they don't really give off a stalker vibe since they don't go into much detail. In fact, the movie lacked a lot of detail. It was basically soft porn with a lame storyline.

When Christian shows up at her work, it almost seems coincidental. They don't really explain how he knew she worked there, and the stuff he buys he does end up using so he might have just needed to pick up some stuff.

The only scene that felt really abusive was when Ana mentioned she was going to visit her mom while they were at dinner with Christian's parents. Christian got all possessive, but Ana ends up going to visit her mom and all is good, so besides that one scene, the movie really lacked the abuse that is easily seen in the book, probably because we can't read the minds of the characters on the screen, which was a good thing in my opinion. I am glad I didn't have to hear her talk about her "inner goddess" in the movie.

Also the first time he spanks her in the movie, Ana actually seems to enjoy it, which if I remember reading correctly, she did not like that in the book, so that downplayed the abuse. The second time obviously not so much, but she asked for him to show his worst, so that was her fault.

Anyway, as a movie on its own: awful. Awful characters. There was no chemistry between the characters. I had heard that the actors didn't really click off screen, so that might play into it. Ana was not that pretty to look at, she just looked sickly (you could see her ribs!) and they didn't show much of Christian. It was painful to sit through that for two hours.

Now as a porn film for women, I say it has potential, just throw in a few more sex scenes! I say pass if you are looking for a chick flick or sappy romance movie, but if you are feeling kinky, then go for it, but you might need to fast-forward the dull parts.

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