Springboard America - Review

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. However, links used are referral links and I will be rewarded if you sign up through them. You can read my full disclosure here.

I have been a member of Springboard America for over 4 years now and this site is legit. It is free to sign up and you will get a survey emailed to you a few times a week. Surveys range from $.25 to as much as $5, depending on the survey and if you qualify. Some surveys just get you entered into a $750 sweepstakes, and if you do not qualify, they sometimes give you an entry as well. (Springboard America now uses points, but every point is considered 1 penny, so it is still the same system, just worded a bit differently)

You do have to reach the $50 (5,000 points) threshold before you can redeem. When I first joined it was only through Paypal, then they switched a Paylution system, but now they have updated once again and you can redeem your points through Paypal, Virtual Visa, or they now also have gift card options to stores like Amazon and Target.

I have earned over $350 just from taking surveys from Springboard America, which is pretty sweet considering most take less than 5 minutes to fill out. However, this is over a 4 year time period, so there is no way you can make a living off of doing this, but it is great for anyone who wants a little extra pocket money! (see photo below for proof!)

I have made over $350 just for taking surveys! (screenshot was taken by me)

So what are the downsides? 

You have to qualify for the survey and you only get around 2-3 a week, sometimes if you are lucky, you will get more, depending on what surveys match your profile. 

You have to reach the $50 threshold before you can withdraw, and then it might take another month before you actually get paid, but don't worry, you do get paid! It's not so bad, considering it is just extra pocket money. 

Also, sometimes surveys are limited to a certain amount, like the first hundred people who qualify and so on, so even if you get a survey in your email, by the time you get to it, it might no longer be accepting participants. 

In the grand scheme of things, the downsides aren't so bad because it is just extra cash. This is not meant to be another part-time job. I have tried other survey sites and just did not like them.

In the end, I highly recommend Springboard America to anyone who just wants some extra pocket money! You can join here!

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