Our TTC Journey

Our TTC (trying to conceive) journey began at the end of August (2015). It is now the end of October and I am still waiting for the ovulation window, which begins in November. This would be our third attempt.

I went into TTC thinking that we would get pregnant right away. A few people we know got lucky on the first try and hey, we are young and healthy, maybe we will too, but I guess not. I should have known when my doctor said she hoped to see me again in 6-12 months (the average amount of time it takes a couple to get pregnant) that TTC is not as easy as it is made out to be. It's all about timing. 

There is only a five-day window where you can get pregnant and your chances are higher on the day before you ovulate and even higher on ovulation day. The problem is knowing when you are going to ovulate, and that involves charting (NFP or Symptothermal Method), which I have been doing for over a year now, or expensive ovulation tests, haven't used them yet and don't plan too unless nothing happens after a year, but then it might be fertility problems. 

I thought TTC would be fun, but it seems like work and a lot of waiting. Waiting two weeks for the fertile window, waiting another two weeks to take a test, and then if it's negative, the cycle of waiting starts again. 

Sex used to be spontaneous and fun. It happened when you were in the mood, but now that we are TTC, it feels like a chore. You have to do it at least every other day (every day if possible) in order to make sure you hit that ovulation window, and even if you did, it doesn't guarantee you'll conceive, and then you have to start all over.

Plus we were planning on trying for a girl, but we are slowly not being as strict as before since that can make conceiving harder, and the idea of having a boy is starting to grow on me. I still dream of having a daughter, but we can always adopt later and go the two kids route instead of one, but we'll see what happens.

It is just getting to the point where I wonder if all of this is worth it. Maybe instead of actively trying, we should just go with the flow, don't worry about the charts or the timing. Plenty of people seem to end up with unexpected pregnancies that way, but we are going to actively try this month (I would love a July baby!). Maybe third time's the charm? Wish us luck!