TTC 6+ Months

So we have been trying to conceive for over six months now. I recently had an OBGYN appointment to find out what is going on.

I am in my mid twenties so not getting pregnant after six months isn't a huge deal, and most couples don't get pregnant right away, it could take a normal, healthy couple a few years, but I have irregular periods, so I figured something might be up and my OBGYN agreed.

She thinks I might have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). One symptom is irregular periods, what concerned her was that I seemed to have a cycle that was 30 days and then it would jump to 41 days. Another side effect is "unnatural" body hair (in the sense that it is not common on women, but on men). Women with PCOS have more androgen/testosterone released in their bodies, which would explain the unnatural body hair. However, body hair can be genetic as well, which is why she wants me to get the ultrasound to verify if I have cysts on my ovaries.

For now she just recommended getting the tests done and to try losing some weight since studies have shown that women with PCOS and are overweight who lose even just 10 pounds, have a higher chance of getting pregnant (I'm 20 pounds overweight, I gained a bit more over winter since I couldn't go out and run as much, but I have always struggled to lose weight, despite being active, which is another problem with PCOS, so I don't know if I'll lose the weight fast enough to make a difference).

My doctor also recommended using ovulation tests to help pinpoint when I'm going to ovulate since with PCOS (and irregular periods in general) you never know when you are going to ovulate and if you are going to at all. It's pretty random.

At least I have some answers now. There is still a slight chance I don't have PCOS and I won't know for sure until I do the testing. If I don't have PCOS, then it could be something else. There is medication to help with PCOS, but I'll have to wait till after the testing to consider that, but my doctor recommends we try another six months without medication anyway just because PCOS doesn't mean I can't get pregnant, it just makes it trickier.

Anyway, I'm going to try the ovulation tests this cycle, get those tests done sometime next month, and I guess we'll go from there.

For more information about PCOS, check out the Mayo Clinic's page here.