We Are Having a Baby!

Well, it is finally time for an update on our journey! In my last post, I mentioned that we were going to start Clomid after I got an HSG. Well, my period never showed, so I was going to start progesterone after my husband got his results back. However, on the day before his appointment, I broke down and took a pregnancy test. I was having abdominal pain for a few days, they weren't quite like period cramps, so let's just say I had a hunch and was right! I got 3 positive tests (because you know you can't believe just one right?) That was back in April.

Today we had our first prenatal appointment with the OBGYN. There was no ultrasound, but we got to hear the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler! That just made it seem so real and now that we are far enough long, we have decided to share the news! We, of course, told our parents and siblings already back in May.

Our baby is due in January! (but the date can change after we get an ultrasound, my OBGYN said they normally keep that date unless it's off by a week or more, also baby could always come early or late!).

After almost 9 months of trying, I am finally pregnant! Without the help of Clomid! It isn't the ideal date, we were hoping for a spring/summer baby, but we'll take the surprise!

My next appointment is 4 weeks away and I'll start seeing the midwives (my OBGYN will deliver if she can, but if not, one of the midwives will always be there to deliver). I might have an appointment earlier to do the genetic blood testing and ultrasound (the one covered by insurance, not the gender one, we'll just wait till 20 weeks to find out the gender).

How we announced it to family/friends