Ovia Pregnancy - A Review

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I previously did a review for Ovia Fertility which you can checkout here, but have obviously switched over to Ovia Pregnancy once I found out I was pregnant 6 months ago.

Ovia Pregnancy is a great little app for any pregnant woman because not only does it give little tidbits as your pregnancy progresses, but you can record so much information, such as your sleep patterns and exercise. There is also an anonymous community forum where you can talk to other moms and ask for advice.

However, I find the community feature to be quite shocking at times, which is probably due to the fact that it is anonymous so people feel free to share the craziest stories or it is possible they are just trolling. In any case, if you have a serious question, always consult your doctor, but if you just want to know which diaper brand is best or what to pack in your hospital bag, feel free to ask away (Although you can get the same answers just by googling).

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I didn't make much use of the recording/calendar feature. I just didn't care to keep track of milestones on there, such as first kick, or to have it keep track of doctor appointments and what not. I just used my google reminder app for that. I didn't feel a need to count calories and record symptoms, but you might and if that's the case this app is for you! I, personally, just chose to go with the flow!

Overall I like this app and haven't felt a need to try another one. I like the daily tidbits about baby's progress and seeing what strange animal or vegetable/fruit baby is the size of from week to week. The growing hand is kind of neat too.

I also like reading the community questions and responding to others questions, sometimes the drama on there is just entertaining, but other times I learn something new and find myself googling for answers or to learn more about it.

I highly recommend this app if you are a first time mom, but even if you already have kids, this app can still be useful as every pregnancy is different.

To learn more about Ovia Pregnancy and to download the app, click here!

This review is my honest opinion and I was not compensated in any way.