5 Cloth Diaper Must Haves

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1. Cloth Diapers - Obviously you need cloth diapers if you want to cloth diaper. Every site I looked into gave different numbers depending on how often you wash. I've seen anywhere from 6 to 35. I think you are crazy if you only have 6 covers, unless you have the perfect baby that doesn't decide to go after your remove the insert.

Personally, I had started out with 36 diapers (5 covers and 31 pockets), ended up buying 4 more covers to equal a total of 40 diapers. This doesn't include any size 2 covers that I also have, which is 8. This is enough to get us through 2 days without washing, plus a few extra to store in diaper bags or to have just in case.

My favorite covers are Thirsties Duo Wrap and my favorite pocket diapers are Alva Baby.

2. Cloth Inserts - If you just get covers, you probably only need about 10 to get you through 2 days, but you will want around 35 inserts. I personally have a total of 67 inserts (started with 47, but ended up needing more so went ahead and bought 20 extra), but this is because with pocket diapers, you can't reuse them like covers, so that is something to keep in mind when deciding what kind of diaper cover you want to go with. (Also, having extra inserts is great for night time or if you have a heavy wetter so you can double up to prevent leaks - this is why we like pockets).

We got a lot of inserts that came with the Alva Baby diapers, but our favorite are these Charcoal Bamboo with Gussets that we found on Amazon. We started with 20 of these, loved them so much, we bought 20 more! They stuff well in the Alva Pocket Diapers and work great with the Thirsties covers!

3. Reusable Diaper Pail Liner - You will want a reusable liner if you are using a diaper pail. This makes washing a breeze as you just dump the diapers in the washer and then toss in the bag along with them. I recommend having at least two. If you plan on changing diapers in more than one room though, you will want four. We have a split level, so at night we change her diaper upstairs, but during the day, we change her downstairs. We recommend the Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners. They wash well and haven't leaked yet!

For a diaper pail, we love the Ubbi. It works really well with the liners!

4. Cloth Wipes - If you are cloth diapering, you might as well use cloth wipes! You don't have to worry about having separate trash cans and you can wash them along with diapers as well. I highly recommend getting a wipe warmer if you choose to use cloth wipes as it is an easy way to store them, keep them wet, and the bonus is they are warm!

We use the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer and it works great with cloth wipes! As for cloth wipes, we recommend these, which you can find on Amazon. They aren't expensive, super soft, and do the job!

5. Wet Bags - You will want wet bags for when you are out and about if cloth diapering. I would suggest having two on hand and as for size, it depends on how long you are going to be out or if you are traveling. I personally don't see the point in having a small bag that only holds 1-2 diapers and just went with getting two medium sized bags, which hold 3-4 diapers for the diaper bags. I like the Bumkins Wet Bags.

For longer trips, you will want a larger wet bag. Though we plan on using disposables in that case, we do use the hanging wet bags downstairs and they can definitely hold 3-4 days worth of diapers! My favorite hanging wet bag is the Planet Wise Lite Bag. These also make a great alternative to using a diaper pail.

And that's all you really need! Now some lists you may have seen include a Diaper Sprayer, but honestly you don't need it (at least in the beginning). Baby poop is so runny in the beginning that you can't really spray it off and if breastfeeding, it's pretty much water soluble, so you can just go ahead and throw that dirty diaper in the washer.

Once you get to real poop (when baby starts eating solids), you can just dump/shake or us a stick (we have the gDiapers swishstick) to knock what you can into the toilet. Then you can just soak them in cold water before following your regular wash routine. We aren't here yet, so who knows, we might change our minds and decide to get a diaper sprayer, but you definitely don't need it in the beginning.

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