Jun 30, 2017

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I have always loved the idea of giving gifts that give back. I figured it was time to share all the amazing shops I have found that have great gifts for kids, some of which I have ordered from or have received as gifts. All of these stores will donate a portion of their sales to various charities and organizations.

1) World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - At WWF you can symbolically adopt an animal. Their gifts range from $25 to $100, $55 being the minimum to get a cute stuffed animal. They also have an option to build your own bucket for $75 that comes with a wooden bucket and three stuffed animals of your choice. There is an option to add a fourth stuffed animal for an additional $25. A great gift for the animal lover in your life!

2) Love Your Melon - Love Your Melon is known for their hats as their original program was for every hat bought, they would donate a hat to a child with cancer. Love Your Melon now instead donates 50% of their profit made from product sales to their nonprofit partners. They have also added shirts and other accessories to their site as well, in addition to their hats. However, if you know a child with cancer that does not have a Love Your Melon hat, you can request a free hat here.

3) Cuddle + Kind - Cuddle + Kind sells handmade dolls for ages newborn and up! Prices range from $48 to $68 depending on doll size. Every doll purchased provides 10 meals to children in need. They also have cute prints you can purchase to decorate your nursery or child's room! Each print costs $20 and provides 5 meals.

4) Kohl's Cares - Kohl's Cares donates 100% of their net profit from the sale of their products to children's initiatives nationwide. You can find Kohl's Cares products online or in Kohl's stores, usually by the checkout lane. They have various children books and plush toys for only $5 each!

5) B. Toys - B. Toys donates a portion of their sales to Free the Children, which is used to help improve education and health in developing countries. B. Toys also help protect the planet by using recycled materials in their products. They have tons of toys for children of all ages. You can find B. Toys on Amazon or at Target.

6) Munchkin's Project Orca - Munchkin recently launched an #OrcasLiveInOceans campaign, where 100% of proceeds from their #OcrasLiveInOceans clothing goes towards building a coastal ocean sanctuary in the U.S. for captive orcas. However, they only have one child's tee available for $20.

7) Box Lunch - For every $10 you spend at BoxLunch stores or on their website, they will donate a meal to someone in need! Box Lunch has a wide range of products for all ages so you will have no problem finding the perfect gift!

8) Pura Vida Bracelets - Pura Vida Bracelets have a Charity collection, where they give back to a wide range of causes! Their bracelets are all handmade, so each one is unique, and they are only $5! The style of bracelets is quite simple, so they work great for both girls and boys! I found out about this company from my sister in law and niece, who got me a bracelet that represents Crohn's Disease. They send the bracelets in a cute little pouch. You can see my bracelet and pouch below. Also, another perk is all purchases support Costa Rican Artisans!

My Pura Vida bracelet that shows support for Crohn's Disease.

9) Toms - Toms shoes have a one for one program, so everytime you buy a Toms product, you are helping a person in need, from providing them with a pair of shoes to a safe birth. They have shoes for all ages, from infant to adult!

10) Better World Books - Every time you purchase a book from Better World Books, they will donate a book to someone in need. They have a ton of children's books, starting at just $4!

11) Roma - Roma has a program called "Give Poverty the Boot." Basically, for every pair of boots sold, a brand new pair of boots is donated to a child in need. Also, 10% of all of Roma's sales go to the Roma Foundation, which provides aid and education to children in poverty. Roma has boots for toddlers and up, starting at just $29.

12) Yoobi - Every time you purchase a Yoobi product, a Yoobi product is donated to a classroom in the United States. This is great for back to school shopping as they have every school supply you could need, but they also have picture frames and art supplies, which would make great gifts for the little artist in your life! You can also find Yoobi products on Amazon.

13) Everything Happy - Everything Happy has a "One to Love, One to Give" mission, which means for every Happy Blankie you purchase from Everything Happy, a second blanket will be given to a child in need. Their cute blankets range from $34 to $96, depending on size.

14) Best Friends - Products you purchase from the Best Friends store goes towards helping animals find safe and loving homes! They have a few baby and kid items, which you can find here, ranging from $16 - $22.

15) Global Goods Partners - All items in the Global Goods Partners store were made by women artisans in over 20 countries! Every purchase you make goes towards supporting these women all over the world. They have a great range of kids items, from clothing to toys.

16) St. Jude Gift Shop - All purchases made at the St. Jude Gift Shop go towards  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They have clothing and toys for kids of all ages!

17) The Nature Conservancy - The Nature Conservancy has cute plush animals in their Wildlife collection that you can get when you donate $55 to the animal of your choice, but you can donate as little as $25 to as much as $250 to get a different set of gifts! All donations help protect wildlife and their habitats.

18) Sudara - Every purchase of Punjammies® and Sudara goods helps empower hundreds of women in India to live in freedom from exploitation. They have cute kids clothing for both boys and girls.

19) Project 7 - Project 7 donates a portion of their gum and candy sales to what they believe are the seven areas of need, everything from feeding the hungry to healing the sick. You can read more about the causes they support here. They are known for their odd and fun gum flavors, and what kid doesn't like candy? You can buy Project 7 candy at their online store or on Amazon.

20) Smiles Squared - For every toothbrush you purchase on Smiles Squared, they will give a toothbrush to a child in need! They have toothbrushes for both kids and adults, starting at $4.95.

You can check out my list for adults here!

Attribution: Image used in blog post photo does not belong to me and was found on Pixabay.

Jun 23, 2017


In a previous post, My Breastfeeding Journey, I explained how we had a rough start to breastfeeding and ended up supplementing. I continued to do this until our daughter was three months old. At that point, she began to flat out refuse the breast. She would wail every time I tried to get her to latch. so to make my life and her life easier, we switched to bottles only.

I started pumping more at this point and noticed I was only getting at most an ounce per thirty-minute session, from both breasts! This continued for two weeks and so I finally called it quits.

We had a lot of issues with her gaining weight and now we knew why. I just never produced enough, whether it was because we had a rough beginning so my supply could never recover, or possibly my PCOS affected my hormones and thus I just naturally, couldn't produce the milk she needed.

The only thing I know is that I NEVER got engorged during the entire time I breastfed. The only time I leaked was in the shower or in the morning, after going all night not breastfeeding. This was another sign, I believe, that I just didn't have the supply needed to breastfeed.

I also never got engorged after I stopped breastfeeding. I leaked a little bit maybe for a week, but again, only in the morning or after a shower. I honestly believe that I just didn't have the supply.

Knowing what I know now, I wish we had gone with formula from the start. It would have made life a lot easier and I wouldn't have been so stressed from worrying about her getting the proper amount of food. 

What hurts more is the people who judge you for switching or they bombard you with have you tried this or have you tried that. I am glad you wanted to breastfeed and were willing to eat twenty lactation cookies a day, but honestly, all I wanted was a nap! 

I am positive if I did not quit when I did, I would have postpartum depression. I had the baby blues for the first month due to lack of sleep. I was very weepy, tired, worried, and stressed. My health was suffering and so was my child's, as evident from her slow weight gain.

On top of all that I am a first-time mom. I had no idea what I was doing, nor did my husband as he is a first-time parent too. People kept saying things like" trust your instincts" or "mommy instincts are powerful." What instincts? Is this really a thing and I just didn't have the programming for them? I was clueless and basically reached for whatever book I could get my hands on for advice! I relied on my pediatrician, who is, luckily, also a lactation consultant, for advice. I am so glad we found a good pediatrician who was not judgemental and super helpful. She understood my struggle and did not pressure me to continue breastfeeding.

As soon as we switched to formula only, our daughter began to catch up in weight and sleep better. Her health greatly improved, and because of that, my health improved! No more worrying about if she is getting enough to eat as I can clearly see how much she drinks out of the bottle. She was able to get enough to eat, so she could sleep for longer periods, allowing me to finally catch up on my sleep. At first, I felt guilty, like maybe I gave up too soon, or maybe I could have tried harder, but I quickly shoved those thoughts away because in the end what mattered was that she was happy and healthy. I reminded myself that originally I had not planned to breastfeed, and because of that, I was proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and making the effort. At least I tried right?

I am not against breastfeeding. I think it is great if you want to and can do it! I feel if it had been easier for me, if I had the supply, I would have been able to go a lot longer. 

However, I am against shaming mothers who do not or can not breastfeed. Yes, breastmilk is the best thing there is for a baby, but when you can't provide it, formula is better than letting your baby starve, which is what happened to this poor mom. There was so much pressure on her to breastfeed and if she had just offered her baby a bottle, he may still be alive today.

My intent is not to scare you from breastfeeding. I believe it is the best thing for a baby, but only if your baby is gaining weight. If you notice your baby is losing or gaining slowly, crying after each feeding, not making enough wet and poopy diapers, make sure to see a pediatrician and don't be afraid to supplement! In the end, fed is best.


Attribution: Image used in blog post photo does not belong to me and was found on Pixabay.

Jun 16, 2017


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Jun 5, 2017


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Jun 3, 2017

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Jun 2, 2017

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When we first got our stroller, I didn't feel it was necessary to get any of the accessories that are sold to go with it. One of them being a stroller organizer, but I recently received the 3Niner Stroller Organizer and I love it!

It has three front pockets, two of which are mesh. I use one to hold my phone when I am not using it, and the other to hold a bag of tissues (I have really bad pollen allergies). The center pocket I used to hold my keys.

There are two insulated cup holders, one of which fits my water bottle perfectly and the other I use to hold a bag of dog treats. You could also use it hold a bottle for baby as well if you are going to be out for a long time, or another water bottle. I was walking my dog at the time, so having treats comes in handy.

The organizer also has a large center compartment with a magnetic closure, so much more convenient than velcro! I stuck a burp cloth in there for wiping baby drool and spit up, but you can easily fit a container of snacks or a couple of diapers in it instead.

My Baby Trend Nexton Travel System came with a cup holder, but as you can see in the photos below, it does not fit my water bottle as well as the 3Niner Stroller Organizer. The organizer has a wider and deeper pocket for bottles, safely securing my bottle, unlike the stroller cup holder, where you could easily knock the bottle over.

The Baby Trend stroller also lacks all the extra pockets to store items. It does have a little tray that snaps shut between the two bottle holders, but the only thing that can really fit in there are my keys. My phone is too big for that tiny compartment.

The other great thing about the 3Niner Stroller Organizer is that it works on both my strollers! It claims to have a universal fit so it can fit most strollers. I was skeptical at first, but it fit both of mine with no issues! The straps are super adjustable, so I believe it could fit almost any stroller. Shown above and in the picture below, to the left, is the Baby Trend Nexton Stroller. The picture below, to the right, and the rest of the images below is the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller.

For the Baby Trend Nexton Stroller, I used the velcro on the hanging side straps, for the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, I used the velcro on the bottom of the bag, which is recommended for when you choose to use it as a bag, to give it a more streamline look. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap for that purpose.

I chose to use it this way on the jogging stroller as it felt the most secure. I did not want something hanging or dangling while I was running.

It worked very well and did not budge or fall off at all during my 2-mile run. I highly recommend this organizer for your jogging or running stroller as it is very sturdy.

The jogging stroller also came with a cup holder, but I didn't bother attaching it as I planned to use the 3Niner Stroller Organizer instead. I am glad that I chose not to attach the holder that came with the jogging stroller as it had the same issues as the regular stroller, where the cup holders do not hold my water bottles very well.

The jogging stroller has a wrist strap that you have to wear when running, for safety reasons, and it used to just get tangled up, but with the organizer, I can stuff it one of the mesh pockets and now I don't have to worry about untangling the strap every time I take out the stroller!

Another great thing about the 3Niner Stroller Organizer is that it is collapsable! This makes for easy storage when not in use. This also allows you to fold your stroller without having to remove the organizer.

I will definitely be using the 3Niner Stroller Organizer from now on and highly recommend this organizer for any parent! The organizer has nice pockets to store items in, which prevents the need to bring a giant diaper bag with you when you are just going for a walk or run. The extra storage is also great when out running errands as it makes for a convenient place to store your water bottle, your baby's bottle, phone, keys, or even a packet of tissues! You purchase the 3Niner Stroller Organizer on Amazon or by clicking on the link below. 

Jun 1, 2017


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