July 28, 2017

A Letter to My Daughter at 6 Months

Dear Elsa,

You are now almost 7 months old! I cannot believe how much you have grown in such a short period of time! The journey to parenthood has not been easy, but I would not change it for the world. I love you so much my Little Moon.

It took us 9 long months to conceive you, and even then you were our little miracle. I was about to start fertility meds as I was diagnosed with PCOS, which makes it more difficult to get pregnant, but two days before I was going to pick up the medication, I got a positive pregnancy test, three to be exact as I just could not believe the first one. I immediately called your daddy to the bathroom to double check that I was not seeing lines, and he saw them too! We were very excited!

It would not be until another 9 months that we would get to meet you, and though your birth was the most pain I have ever experienced in my life, you were worth it.

You arrived on Christmas Eve of 2016, 1 week and 1 day before your due date of January 1. You were the cutest baby I have ever seen and so tiny! Your dad and I loved you the moment we saw you. Your daddy even shed a few tears, something he hardly ever does (he didn’t even cry at our wedding!).

We struggled with breastfeeding and you ended up losing too much weight, so we had to supplement formula. I just could not produce enough breast milk, whether it was due to a poor latch at the beginning, my PCOS, my anxiety, or a combination of it all. It became stressful as it was hard to know just how much milk you were getting. The stress got to me, so after 3 months we decided to switch to formula only. It was the best decision we made and I wish I had done so sooner so I could have enjoyed our time together in those early months more. Your health greatly improved, which eased my anxiety, and thus, my health improved.

You were a strong little baby, already lifting your head up after birth. You weren’t even 3 months old when you started rolling from tummy to back! Around 3 months you discovered how to roll back to tummy and have not stopped! It is only a matter of time now before you start crawling! You love to scooch, roll, and turn to get around your play area. You can sit with support, but still struggle a bit on your own, but you are getting there!

We had attempted solids when you were around 4 months old, but you just were not ready then, despite the amount of interest you showed in us eating and the amount of drool, so we stopped and tried again when you turned 6 months.

At 6 months you were ready and already wanted to feed yourself. You love to steal the spoon and chew on it. Your favorite foods so far are oatmeal mixed with peanut butter and pureed pumpkin. You are not a fan of pureed prunes so we will have to work on that one again later. You also started teething at this time and have made bed time a bit more difficult, but luckily you still sleep through the night for the most part.

You are quite the talker and were since the day you were born. You were already making adorable sounds when they laid you on my chest right after your birth, something your daddy and I didn’t expect, and I am so glad our Doula was able to film it. Now you love to squeal, yell, babble, and make spitting sounds. You have also started giggling and laughing more, which is my favorite sound in the whole world.

Your current goal is to try and fit everything into your mouth, so I have had to put reading to you on hold, which was something I used to love doing with you, but I don’t want your books to get ruined from your chewing and drooling!

I love watching you learn and grow, but at the same time, I wish you could just stop and stay this little so I can protect you from this harsh and cruel world. I want you to know that I will always be there for you, if not in person, then in spirit.

I love you very, very much Little Moon, always have and always will.

Your mother, Diana

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  1. Precious letter! Start a little notebook for her with all your thoughts and letters, and eventually write down al the cute and funny things she says. :)

    1. We totally plan on doing that when she starts talking! I can't wait to hear what funny things she'll say!

    2. I've also started a notebook, as well as an email address for both kids so I can email photos, memories, and letters

  2. So sweet :) She'll love to have all of these memories of yours someday <3

  3. Aww i love that. I am that.mom who writes and takes pictures of my children, so they can look back on all of their memories. Great job mom :-)

  4. Aww such a beautiful and sweet letter... Shell

  5. Such a sweet letter! Soak this time up :)

  6. This is such a sweet letter. My little guy just turned one and it was so sad. I want to watch him grow and I am loving these sweet moments, but I feel like they grow so fast :(

    1. I know right?! It's hard to believe she'll be 8 months tomorrow!

  7. I love this! This letter is beautiful. I am actually working on my letter for my birthday girl's first birthday. I plan to write her a letter every year until she's 18. They definitely grow up faster than we expect. 💕

    1. awe, that's a sweet idea! I planned on doing one when reached 1 year, but never thought about doing one for each year!

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