Surprizamals: A Review

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. In no way did the discount affect my review of the product. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. Read my full disclosure here.

What are Surprizamals?

Surprizamals are cute little plush toys that are 2.5 inches tall. They come in a wide range of creatures from seas animals, woodland critters, to the cool and mystical characters like the Yeti or unicorn! However, you never know which one you are going to get as they are hidden in a ball, so it's always a surprise! 

Surprizamals are for ages 3 and up, so our currently 8-month-old daughter is too young for these. However, we allowed her to help us in the opening process (you can see the photos below). Don't worry, she was fully supervised by my husband and me. She enjoyed pulling out the new creature and feeling how soft it is.

The Surprizamals are super soft! I was really surprised by just how soft they were as I figured this was just another one of those cheap toys, but they are actually very well made!

The critters are very cute and I can see these making great stocking stuffers for young kids or as party favors! These would be a fun toy to collect. I know younger me would have been all over these, even now I keep one of the narwhals we got on my desk as it is too darn cute!

Each Surprizamal plush has a cute tag with their name, birthday, and favorite colors, very similar to beanie babies. 

Surprizamals have different tiers of rareness as well, one which is unknown! We got lucky and got a rare Yeti! The rest of our critters were commons. There are also ultra-rare ones. My husband was bummed we didn't get the mystery one as he wanted to know what it was!

They also come in different series, the ones we got were all part of series 4. The different series have different characters! So collecting them all would be a fun challenge!

If I had to find a downside to these cute plush animals, it would be that the Yeti can't stand up on its own! The rest of the ones we got sit nicely, but the Yeti is too top-heavy so he just falls over. He would be super cute on my desk as well. I might have to find a way to prop him up!

I guess another downside is you can't pick which one you get, but I guess that is part of the fun! It can also be a bit costly though if you are trying to collect them all as you are bound to get repeats. We got 2 narwhals out of the 5 Surprizamals we received, so only a total of 4 different critters. This is why I think they would be more of a fun gift every now and then, something to stuff in an Easter basket or Christmas stocking.

Now if you have multiple kids or they have friends that get hooked on these, then they could always trade, which could add to the fun!

Also, these might make great rewards or prizes for kids!

Though these are geared towards kids, I personally think they are adorable and plan on decorating my desk with these little guys, so if you know someone who is a kid at heart or just likes cute plush animals, then this would make a great fun gift for them as well! 

Where can I find Surprizamals?

They retail for only $4.99! You can find them in select stores, such as Walmart, on the Surprizamals' website, or even on Amazon!