Unicorn Themed 1st Birthday

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I can't believe my baby is now a year old! I know unicorns are super popular right now, but they were my favorite animal growing up. Plus, I wanted to use the cake pan I got from my Grandma after she passed away.

Here is the cake pan I used:

It's a rocking horse, but I cut off the rocking part and extended the legs. You can amazingly still get a similar cake pan here. It's slightly different, but it's also by Wilton, so it is the same company. I have no idea how old the cake pan I have is as it was my grandma's and who knows how long she had it!

I ended up making two cakes in case she ended up destroying one during photos or I totally messed one up. Here is the one we used for photos:

I used the tips of ice cream cones for the horn and sprayed them with Chefmaster Edible Gold Spray, which I also used on the candy flowers in the unicorn's mane and tail.

For the frosting, I had managed to find pink, blue, and green tubes at Target. I had to get white frosting and use Wilton dyes to get the yellow, purple, and black.

You can find the unicorn garland I got for her high chair here and I got the white pom-pom garland from the Dollar Tree. Here is a close up of the high chair:

The one banner was a part of a 1st Birthday kit I found at Homegoods, which also had a 1 candle, birthday girl hat, one cake banner, first birthday photo frame, and 1 photo prop. It was quite a lucky find!

We did a rainbow streamer backdrop with balloons for a nice photo backdrop:

Streamers and balloons were found at Target and Dollar Tree. I used a strip of blue painters tape at the top of the wall, then used double sided tape to stick the streamers on. I did two rows of streamers. Then I taped the balloons on top of the streamers. I had to tape the balloons to each other as well to avoid having a gap between them.

I also made gingerbread unicorn cookies for her birthday as she is a Christmas Eve baby and I always make gingerbread cookies around the holidays, usually men, but I managed to find this cute unicorn cookie cutter.

For party supplies, I found cute unicorn platesnapkins, and a tablecloth at Target on clearance! Luckily you can still find this design on Amazon, otherwise, there are other unicorn designs available as well.

For party favors, I found these adorable unicorn ornaments at Oriental Trading

I had a lot of fun planning her party and as you can see, I did most of the work myself, so I was able to keep costs down. Making the wall and decorating the cake were the things that took the longest. I don't know if I'll ever do another "birthday wall" or if I do, maybe just hang a tablecloth or something simpler instead, and if I do another cake, I might choose an easier method for frosting it. 

However, I don't regret doing it for her first birthday as her photos turned out beautiful and it made family photos so much more fun!

Did you do a theme or do you have a theme picked out for your baby's 1st birthday?