My Favorite Cloth Diaper Brands

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I briefly mention in my post about our Cloth Diaper Must Haves some of our favorite brands, but decided to make a more detailed post about why we love these brands!

Alvababy Pockets

Alvababy (formerly known as Alva) is probably the best cheap diaper there is and they have the cutest prints! We use their pocket diapers. They are easy to stuff and have so far held up for a year! I was a little concerned since others like to call them "China Cheapies" that the quality wouldn't be great, but after a year the elastic has held up great and no staining!

I found it was cheaper to order Alva diapers directly from their website, but the downside is shipping can take up to two months. You can find them on Amazon, usually through another seller, and then you don't have to wait so long for shipping, but they will cost a bit more.

Mama Koala Pockets

Mama Koala is a small business in the USA, but diapers are still made in China. They are a little more expensive than Alva but are a higher quality, in my opinion, so that makes up for the price.

Their diapers are only sold in bundles and all pockets come with inserts. The nice thing about the inserts that are included is that they are adjustable! The inserts have snaps on them so you can shorten or lengthen them to fit the diaper better as baby grows. 

Another thing I love about these diapers is the pocket opening is HUGE compared to other diapers, making it super easy to stuff! 

The downside to Mama Koala diapers is they aren't the best for newborns, due to their button design, so we had some leaking problems in the beginning and put these aside or only used them if supply was low. Once our daughter hit 4 or 5 months, can't quite recall, we had no issues.

You can find Mama Koala diapers on Amazon.

Thirsties Covers

Thirsties are made in the USA, so they are definitely on the pricier side. However, I heard great things about them and if you're lucky, Target sometimes has a diaper sale, which includes cloth, so I decided to get a few. I didn't want to just have a bunch of pockets since this was our first baby and our first time diapering, so we wanted to have options on hand. 

My husband actually loves these more as you can get multiple uses out of them. With pockets, they only have one use and you need a new diaper. With covers, you just change out the insert, wipe the cover, and put in a new insert. Plus they fit our daughter better (when she was younger) than the pocket diapers. 

I definitely recommend using Thirsties covers in the first few months of baby's life as that is when you will be doing the most changing and these seem to fit a tiny baby way better than the pockets. They are pricey, but that cover does act as 4-5 diapers since you just have to change the insert, meaning you don't have to buy as many, so in the long run it probably comes close to the pocket diaper prices.

You can also find Thirsties covers on Amazon. We chose to get ours at Target because they were having a gift card deal and prices were the same on both sites at the time. 

These are the inserts we used with our Thirsites covers:

Unfortunately, they currently aren't in stock on Amazon, but there are probably similar ones available on Amazon

Small Shop Pocket Diapers

Cloth diapers I have gotten from small shops appear to be very similar to the Alvababy pocket diapers. Also, some of the sellers often sell Alvababy brand diapers as well as other brands, but their main perk is they sell limited edition prints that you can't find anywhere else! Here is a list of the other shops I have purchased cloth diapers from that we have had no issues with:
Little Oceans Fluff Unicorn Diaper