Jul 30, 2018

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Benji & The Giant Kite Review 

Benji & The Giant Kite tell the story of a boy named Benji and his love of kites. One day he sees a giant kite in a store that he would love to have, but his mom makes him work for it. I love the message this book gives about working hard to achieve your dreams! It isn't always easy, but it's so worth it.

The book is recommended for ages 4 and up, but my one-year-old actually loves this book. She is obsessed with the dog and pointed him out on each page. Plus the artwork is beautiful and there were a lot of little details that she pointed at and wanted to know what they were.

It's not too long either, so it makes for the perfect bedtime read. Overall, I highly recommend this book to be added to your child's library!

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Jul 27, 2018

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Jul 25, 2018

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Gululu! The Summer Hydration Helper!

It's no secret that most children need an incentive to remember to drink when they are busy playing at the park, swimming at the beach, and hanging out with friends. Sometimes we choose to give our kids drinks that are high in sugar and not as healthy as we would like in an effort to get them to drink when we could be doing something radically different -- like giving our child a Gululu interactive water bottle instead! Gululu helps to remind your child to drink more water through a Tamagucci-like pet that grows when children drink! Parents can be sure it is working by tracking progress on the app! Learn more below!

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About Gululu:
The fun Gululu bottle features a pet, Tamagucci-like, that grows and goes through underwater adventures as the kid drink. The pets in Gululu motivate kids to develop healthy habits on their own. When your child drinks from Gululu Interactive Bottle, the pet grows happier and evolves. This constant interaction both entertains and encourages beneficial habit formation. Gululu has been featured on all main media publication like Forbes, Vogue, and others.- and parents love it!
Gululu's Mission:
Gululu has made it their mission to help kids all around the world be healthier and stay hydrated! Their interactive bottle keeps kids hydrated through a pet that encourages them to drink and has an app that shows the parents exactly their kids intake. With each and every purchase of Gululu, a child in a developing country is provided clean drinking water, for life.

In addition to their great mission to keep kids hydrated, for every bottle purchased, they donate to build clean drinking water wells for kids in developing countries through their partnership with Generosity.org Learn more about how water = life HERE.
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Gululu Water Bottles for Back to School!
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Jul 24, 2018

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I have teamed up with Gymboree for their "Made You Smile" campaign, where they ask what makes you, your family, and/or your kid smile?

It is the little moments with my husband and daughter that makes me smile. Like watching my husband play with our daughter, Little Moon, and hearing her laugh, or when he reads her a bedtime story, and she thinks the fish in the book is a ball, so she keeps pointing at it and saying "ball" (in her defense, it is a really round fish!).

What makes my daughter smile? Going the playground makes her smile. She is more interested in the wood chips than the play equipment though (she is carrying a woodchip in the photo below). She recently has started showing an interest in the tunnel and slide, so we are making progress!

By the way, my daughter loves this shirt from Gymboree! She pointed at it and kept saying "cat" over and over again. She loves our cats and tries to play with them, but they aren't a fan of her and often run away! It's okay because the dog will play with her. They are best buds, and they make each other smile! (The leggings are also from Gymboree).

Reading and looking at books also makes my daughter smile. She never really stays on one page long enough for me to finish reading it to her, so I mostly just point at the pictures on the page and say what I am pointing at. She loves to point at pictures to own and have me tell her what it is. Below she is reading "Animal's Under The Bed!" by Meg Smiley.

You can't see it well in this photo, but her shirt says "You, me and a good book." The perfect outfit for story time! This set is also from Gymboree!

Want to know what else makes me smile? Gymboree's new clothing line!

Gymboree asked modern moms want they wanted for their children's clothes and the results are amazing! Their new "Made You Smile" collection features clothing that is more comfortable (so soft!), more durable (perfect for the playground!), and versatile (never have to worry about matching again!); making their clothes the perfect choice for back to school!

We were always fans of Gymboree as their clothing was always cute, modest,  and good quality, but are loving the new line even more! I just can't get over how soft her new clothes are! Plus they are so durable and so far have survived our trips to the playground!

Gymboree offers free shipping Over $50 + free returns!

What makes you or your child smile? Feel free to share in the comments!

Jul 20, 2018

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WOpet Automatic Cat & Dog Pet Feeder Giveaway!

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Jul 16, 2018

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10 Diaper Bag Must Haves

Being a first-time mom, I relied a lot on what other people recommended to put in their diaper bag, but eventually learned for myself what I needed and didn't need. This list is meant to be a guideline as I'm sure your bag will vary depending on your needs as well, which you will figure out as you go!

1) Diapers & Wipes

Obviously, you will want diapers, but how many? In the beginning, I tended to overpack, stuffing 10 of those suckers in there, eventually I got the point where I was comfortable with 5, and never once have I used them all! I highly recommend Pamper's Pure diapers.

You will just need one package until that package gets low, then you'll want to make sure you have a backup! Pamper's Pure wipes are our favorite.

2) Changing Mat

A lot of public bathrooms do have changing tables, but I still liked having my own portable changing mat to place on top as you don't know how often those are cleaned. Plus if they don't have a changing table, you can change your baby on the floor or in the car with the mat.

3) Burp Cloth

Babies spit up a lot, so having a burp cloth on hand at all times is a must! 

4) Blanket

This is more important in the winter as you can use it to cover your baby in the car seat or stroller. You may still want to do this in the summer to keep nosey people away, so make sure you get a breathable cotton muslin blanket, like these ones on Amazon

5) Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash happens, so it's best to always be prepared! We found that Pinxav brand to be the best! It worked the quickest. Our second choice would be Desitin. We tried Aquaphor and CeraVe as well, but they didn't seem to work as well. You can check out my review of diaper rash creams in this post.

6) Bottle & Formula

Always bring an empty bottle in case you have to feed the baby while out and about. You can always fill it with water at a fountain or sink, or bring a separate water bottle with water to pour into it.

I highly recommend getting some formula sticks as they are easier to carry around than a canister. We got a lot as free samples from our Pediatrician, but you can also find them on Amazon.

7) Extra Outfits

Yes, that is plural. I found that having one spare outfit is sometimes not enough. Babies are messy and blowouts do happen. I would for sure have at least two spare onesies and pants. I found I could get by with just one pair of spare socks as my girl didn't really kick them off until she was older, but you may need more as socks may go missing! 

8) Toys

You will want some toys to entertain your baby while out and about. I highly recommend getting the ones you can strap onto your stroller or car seat and dangle in front of your baby. You could also get links or toy safety straps too to attach toys to the stroller so you don't lose them!

9) Disinfecting Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

These are great for wiping down changing stations in bathrooms before lying your baby down on them, or for cleaning shopping carts, or high chairs at restaurants, etc. You can find the Clorox Wipe pouches in the travel section at Target or on Amazon.

The hand sanitizer is for you, not for the baby. I found using hand sanitizer to be so much faster and easier than washing my hands after diaper changes. Bath and Body Works is my favorite with all their scents and you can even get cute little keychain pouches for them now. You can also find plain travel sized bottles on Amazon as well.

10) Pacifier

You will always want a back up in case you forget to bring one!

You can find most of these items in my Amazon Shop!