What Is The Best Diaper Rash Cream?

Disclosure: Some products in this post I have received for free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own! Affiliate links are also used in this post. Read my full disclosure here.
There are so many diaper rash creams out there today, that it made it surprisingly hard to even just pick one when we needed to get some for our daughter.

It gets a little more complicated when you cloth diaper as many aren't safe to use on cloth. You can get around this by using fleece liners, which is what we chose to do as it was too much work to figure out what was or wasn't safe. You could also switch to using disposables till the rash heals, which we did when she ended up getting an open sore because you want to keep the butt as dry as possible and disposable diapers are better at that.

To make it a little easier for you, I have ranked all the diaper rash creams we have tried below, starting with our favorite. 

#1 Pinxav

I actually won this from a giveaway on another blog and so glad I did! I would not have heard of it otherwise as I have yet to see this brand in stores near us, but it is available on Amazon.

This stuff is amazing, it works overnight! It also has a really good smell, in our opinion. Apparently, the menthol smell can be a put off for some people, but I think it actually helped our daughter sleep better as I think of it as a soothing or calming scent.

The only downside for us is that it is pink! If you are using cloth diapers, this will stain, so highly recommend using fleece liners (the liners will stain too, but who cares about the liner right?).

#2 Desitin

This is the one our pediatrician recommended and is probably the most common or well-known brand. It was the one we started out with and it works! From our experience, it's not as fast acting as Pinxav. but still better than a lot of the other brands we tried. It's also got a thicker consistency which makes it stay in place better. Plus you can find it in any store!

#3 CeraVe Baby

This came in one of Target's Baby sample boxes, so we gave it a shot and I would say it's on par with Desitin. The only reason I ranked it lower is that it feels like a more liquidy version of Vaseline.

However, it's the only clear diaper rash cream I have seen (most are white), and that may be a bonus for those using cloth as it won't stain! I would still recommend using fleece liners as it may affect your diaper's absorbancy later on.

#4 Aquaphor

Everyone seems to love this cream, but we just didn't. It's white and runny, super messy to put on, especially if you aren't at home! With it being so liquidy, it doesn't cover the rash as well and it didn't appear to work as well as any of the above brands.

#5 Baby Butz

This is a new brand that just appeared at Target and I was able to get some free samples to try. I wanted to love this cream, I really did, but it just didn't compare to the others. 

The thing I really liked about this cream was how thick it is. It's a really thick white cream, which makes it a little difficult to get out of the container, but it covers the diaper rash so well!

However, despite covering the rash well, it didn't seem to do much healing. We ended up switching back to Pinxav as we didn't want our daughter to be uncomfortable at bedtime and it was gone by the next morning.

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 brands we tried and the top 2 are the ones we plan on sticking too. Now keep in mind what worked best for our daughter may not work best for your baby, so this post is just to give you a starting point as well as introduce you to some of the diaper rash creams out there. 

Have you tried any of these? What worked for you?