True and The Rainbow Kingdom Family Halloween Costume

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Our daughter loves True and the Rainbow Kingdom on Netflix so we decided to go as characters from the show! Our daughter went as True, I went as Grizelda, and my husband went as Zee. I will share how we made each of the costumes below so your family can too!


True and the Rainbow Kingdom Costume

Here is the break down of where I got the pieces for my daughter's outfit:

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I made her headband, backpack, and badge.

For the headband, I found a white band at Target and just hot glued on the red, yellow, and blue pom poms that I purchased on eBay. 

For the backpack, I used a piece of cardboard (a cereal box works great!) and used fabric glue to attach the felt onto the cardboard. I discovered in this process that fabric glue and Elmer's glue does not work for gluing felt on felt, you'll have to use a hot glue gun for that. 

The badge was made purely out of felt and I used a safety pin to attach it to the backpack strap.

I purchased all my felt at Michael's.


Grizelda and FrookieGrizelda from True and the Rainbow Kingdom Costume

For my Grizelda costume, the only thing I had to make the was the crown. Luckily, the True and the Rainbow Kingdom creators shared a printable crown on their Facebook page!

All I had to do was print it out, glue it to a  piece of cardboard. The cut the crown out of the cardboard. I traced the crown onto some blue felt, cut out the felt, and then glued the felt down on top of the cardboard. I cut out a little diamond out of red felt and hot glued that to the front of the crown, and then hot glued the crown together where the tabs met. I purchased a black headband at Target and just hot glued the crown to it.

The rest of my outfit was much like my daughter's where I just had to purchase the pieces and put it together:


My husband was lucky enough to have kept is Tae Kwon Do uniform from college, so he was able to just use that for Zee's costume! His mom sewed on some gray felt to make it match Zee's outfit. She also made the belt out of felt which he just wrapped around his waist and used a safety pin to pin it together.

I made his badge the same way I did our daughter's, using felt and a hot glue gun. He then pinned it onto his uniform. 

Zee's Zingy Zapper (staff) was the real project that my husband chose to take on. He made it out of wood using his tools. He then painted it to match Zee's in the show. It turned out pretty awesome!

First, he laid out a paper guide to shape the staff.

Second, he soaked 1-inch polar dowel rods he purchased from Menards in water for several days. Then he bent them (shown below) and held them in their bent forms for several days. 

Next, he cut the pieces to their appropriate lengths and laid out the shape before cutting the angles. 

Then he reinforced the joints using screws.

Once put together, he painted it using white primer paint we had on hand and attached wood ball knobs, which he spray painted gold, to the ends. 

Final Result

Here is all of us in our costumes! 

My husband and daughter are holding Wishes, which are just 2-inch yellow pom poms I found on eBay!

The only things we did not do were Zee's gray boots and Grizelda's glass heels as shoes are expensive and we didn't want to spend a whole lot on our costumes. Each costume was $20 and under! The best part is a lot of it can be worn again! Like my red dress and almost every piece of our daughter's costume!

Do your kids love True and the Rainbow Kingdom?
What/Who are you and/or your kids going as for Halloween?