DIY Harry Potter Wands

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We made these as favors for our wedding, which you can check out in this post, but these would also be great for Halloween costumes and Magical/Harry Potter themed birthday parties!

What You Need:

Wood Chopsticks – You can find big bags of these at Asian stores for super cheap, or if you eat at Chinese restaurants a lot, you can stock up on the ones they give you. Otherwise, there is always Amazon!

Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Acrylic Paint – I used three different shades of brown, black, and white. The black and white were for mixing with the browns to make even more shades, or I would paint with the brown first and then use a fine point brush with the black for cool streaks and designs.

Newspaper or Paper Towel

Step By Step:

1. Plug in your glue gun to get it warmed up. Your glue gun will probably come with instructions and it will tell you how long to wait, mine takes about 5 minutes.

2. While your glue gun is getting warmed up, set up a newspaper or paper towel on your work surface. We had hardwood floors, so I had set up my crafting spot on the floor.

3. Once your gun has warmed up, take a chopstick, hold it sideways, your hand should be covering the pointed end, the part you will not be hot gluing, and start covering the big end (the end you are not holding) in hot glue.

BE CAREFUL! Hot glue is hot enough to burn; I still have a burn mark on my leg from when I made these and a little dripped, so make sure you are holding the chopstick over the newspaper!

If you feel the need to shape your glue at this point, use another chopstick; do not touch the glue until it has had some time to cool down. You can touch it once it has cooled down and do some shaping then too before it solidifies.

4. After the hot glue has cooled on the stick, you can rub it between your hands and shape it however you want! You can add more hot glue to make a thicker handle or you can make fun bumps and designs (that is how I got the raised swirls on my wands).

5. Wait until your wand completely cools and hardens before setting it down to do the next one, or your designs could become misshaped as the glue will flatten on the floor. You could also get a styrofoam block and stick them in upright if time is of the essence.

6. After you have finished with the hot glue, it is time to paint! Once finished painting, set aside to dry, and then you are done!

Wands Drying
Completed Wands

For more photos of the process, Majan on Deviantart has a very similar step by step tutorial, which you can check out here.