Apr 8, 2019

The Best Online Apps For Selling Old Stuff For Extra Cash

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I have been selling old and used items online for years! It's so much easier than a garage sale. I actually only ever threw one garage sale, only two people showed, and I only sold to one. After that, I became hesitant to try again.

Here is a list of all the sites I have used. I started with my favorite and ended with my least favorite.

My Favorite Places To Sell Online

1) Mercari

Mercari is where I have had the most success in selling my items, especially clothing! You can check out my Mercari shop here

Mercari has both a website and a phone app, but the website is very limited on what you can do, so I recommend just avoiding the website and downloading the phone app. 

Since I take most of my photos with my phone, it just makes more sense to use the phone app as then I don't have to transfer the photos to my computer. Also, the sizing, especially for babies, is wonky when doing a listing on the computer. They don't match the app so I would have to go into the phone app and edit the listing I did on the computer to make sure the sizing was correct.

One downside to Mercari is it's flat rate shipping, which can be more expensive than just using weight, especially when items are over a pound. This is probably why clothing does well on Mercari, but little things like jewelry and heavier things like books and mugs, not so much. 

They recently upped the cost of shipping as well so 1 pound or less is $5.25 (USPS), while 1-3 pounds jumps to $11 (USPS) or $9.90 (FedEx).  However, if you bundle items, the shipping cost may actually be less than doing by weight, so I often get requests to bundle multiple listings.

You can also promote your items (discount them) over time. This is a nice feature as sometimes it's hard to know what to price things. I always err on the "expensive" side and just promote until the item sells or I don't want to go any lower. Buyers can also put in offers too.

If you use my link to sign up, you'll also get a $10 off your first purchase coupon, sign up here

2) eBay

eBay was the first app I used to sell items. It's great for collectible items, like limited edition dolls or figures, or name brand clothing items, like Lularoe. It's also good for mugs, movies, CDs, and other knick-knacks. However, it sucks for selling clothes (unless collectible or name brand), which is why I joined Mercari. 

The best thing about eBay is that they have way more shipping options and it's done by weight and package size, which is why it's better for heavier or super light items.

You can check out my eBay here and you can create your own account here.

3) Craigslist

I have had some success with Craiglist. It's great for bigger items that you can't really ship, like if you have an old desk or table you want to get rid of. It's also great for "free" items that you no longer want, things like old plastic pools, broken computers, piles of rocks, firewood or dirt, etc.

I have had some success with baby clothes, but not very much. Brand new clothes tend to do better here or clothing bundles. I was also able to sell a lot of breastfeeding supplies on Craigslist.

The downside is there is no shipping option. It's local, so you have to meet the person. Unless it's a big item that has to be picked up, I highly recommend meeting in a public space for your safety. I usually choose the library, mall, or a popular park and have them meet me in the parking lot. For extra security, park near one of the security cameras.

You can check out and join Craigslist here.

4) Facebook Marketplace 

I would consider this on par with Craigslist. The only difference is that you can offer to ship your items, but you will have to complete the transaction through PayPal.

I have successfully sold lots of maternity clothes and baby footed sleepers on here, but nothing else has been successful.

Another upside to the Marketplace is you can share your listing in up to ten groups, and there are lots of buy and sell groups on Facebook.

5) Facebook Groups

Facebook also has tons of Buy and Sell groups you can join if you are interested in selling more local or looking to sell collectibles. If you post your item in the  Facebook Marketplace, it will give you the option to share to Facebook groups as well. I typically don't post directly in the groups for that reason, just to the marketplace and share it from there. 

I have had more success here with Disney collector items as there are Disney specific buy and sell groups. You will have to use PayPal though to complete transactions and ship items. 

Baby clothes are hit or miss, same with other baby and maternity items. 

6) Nextdoor

Another local option is Nextdoor. This is a site geared toward keeping in touch with your neighbors, sharing things like job opportunities or lost pet posts. They do allow selling of items, but you have to spread them out over time or put multiple items in a single post as this isn't the primary purpose of Nextdoor.

It's more local than Craigslist but functions in the same way as you have to physically meet the person to make the transaction, so again you'll want to pick a public space unless the item is too big. The upside is that these are supposed to be your neighbors, so they are people you may already know or see on a daily basis. Plus their addresses and names are all shown, so less funny business is likely to happen as they can easily be reported.

I haven't actually sold anything on here, as I tend to forget about it. I use it more so for posting free stuff that we leave on the curb and someone picks it up. I got rid of two laundry baskets and a little cat bed this way.

Least Successful Place to Sell Online

7) Kidizen

I haven't had any success selling on this app as of yet. When I first joined months ago, I posted a lot, and waited a few months, but nothing. I eventually deleted all my listings as stuff was selling a lot quicker on Mercari. I have recently decided to try it again, so I will update this post later if I end up having more success this time around. You can check out my shop here.

It was disappointing because I really loved how this app worked. You can list multiple items and sellers have the option to just add them all to their cart, unlike on Mercari where they have to message you to create the bundle. Shipping is done by weight like eBay, and you can offer your buyers discounts if they purchase more than one item. It's a great concept and it's organized so well, but it just lacks a market (despite the fact that I seem to keep getting followers). It's not popular enough yet I guess. 

Another downside is that it is limited to baby, kids, and mommy related items. It's basically an app designed for moms.

If you want to give it a try yourself, you can use my link and get $5 coupon for signing up. Maybe you'll have better luck than me! If not, you can at least buy from someone else and get $5 off!

UPDATE: It's been a few months now and I have had more success this time around! The key is to post on their special # (hashtag) days. The #s for the week are on the home screen, so organize your items in advance and then when the day comes, post all the relevant items you have for that specific #. Some example hashtags they have done in the past: #solids, #blue, #Halloween, #costumes, #mamafall

Shop discounts help too, offer a percentage off for 2 or more items, this will encourage people to buy more. I currently have mine set to 10% off 2 or more items.


  1. Never heard of a couple of these! Thanks!

  2. I should do this but I am too lazy. Donating it is just so much easier.

    1. Donating is great too! I do that with items that don't sell or are too heavy, like books. Just keep an estimate of what you donate as you can get a tax break for them!

  3. Thanks for putting together this resource! I also get lazy about trying to sell clothes and other things I no longer need, and usually end up throwing it all in a bag and taking it to Goodwill. I've had some limited success selling via eBay and Facebook groups, though, and I've heard good things about Mercari as well.

    1. Donating is good as well, keep an estimate on what you donated so you can report it when filing taxes, sometimes you can get tax credit.

  4. I haven't tried Mercari. It's nice to be able to sell things and make a little cash on the side. Goes to all the things we need to pay for (lessons, camps, etc).

  5. I have consistently used Craigslist, Ebay, and Letgo. I especially like Letgo because it has a photo and others can review the person!

    1. I haven't heard of Letgo, I'll have to check that one out.

  6. I’ve been using craigslist to dispose of old gadgets, appliances and furnitures but always with a lot of difficulty because of fake buyers. Glad to know there are other sites that offer the same service aside ebay and craigs.

  7. Perfect timing! We are selling our house soon, and I don't think I realized just how much stuff we have. I'm starting to box it all up, and there are some things I'll donate but others I'd rather sell.

  8. Thanks for the great sites. I usually sell things to a secondhand shop or online, depending on the item.

  9. So... I never knew most of these existed lol... I swear I'm like a 75-year-old trapped in a 31-year-old's body... I still love a good yard sale!

  10. Thanks for sharing these amazing apps that would help many people like me. Great information!

  11. We're currently in the process of moving so this definitely came at the right time! I'm going through my closet to see what makes the most sense to keep and get rid of. It's so hard though!

  12. I have been looking for places to sell my books and other items. Thanks for sharing!


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