10 Awesome & Easy Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Looking for a Father's Day gift? Well here are some ideas that have been a success for the men in my life!

1. Hot Sauce 

My husband loves hot sauce. I got him Hoff Sauce by Hoff & Pepper last year, which you can get off Amazon, or you can opt to get him the Hoff's Gift Box off the Hoff  & Pepper site!

This year, he requested a "surprise" new hot sauce, so I'll have to take my daughter shopping to pick him out something.

If your husband or dad isn't into the surprise, especially if they're picky, you can always opt for their favorite bottle of hot sauce.

2. Alcohol

Beer is always a good go-to, but last year my husband wanted something a little fancier, so I got him whiskey. Just get your dad his favorite drink, and you're set!

3. Old Navy Flag Shirt

This is actually a tradition that got started back when I worked at Old Navy. Every year I get my dad an Old Navy Flag shirt. I no longer work at Old Navy, but I still keep the tradition going.

I don't know of any other store that does a similar shirt each year, but if you do, you could start the same kind of tradition or maybe do a themed shirt. If your dad is into sports, get him a new team shirt each year or if he's into Star Wars, get him a Star Wars-themed shirt each year, etc (you get the idea).

4. Personalized Gifts from Shutterfly

I have gotten mousepads from Shutterfly for my dad in the past as well. It's great because you can add your own family photos to them and they are really good quality mousepads. Other things that I have done are mugs and desktop plaques. Shutterfly has tons of options available and personalized gifts are always the best ones!

5. Socks

Socks may seem like a lame gift on their own, but they make a great addition to a gift or a great kid gift! Who couldn't use more socks?

If your husband or dad is into fun or themed socks, then this could also be a fun tradition to start.

6. Boxers

I remember when I worked at Old Navy and the week to the day before Father's Day these cute little kids would come through the checkout line with what must have been the ugliest printed boxers in the store and say "I picked them out for my daddy!" 

My husband said that this is actually brilliant as no matter how ugly the boxers are that the kids pick, it doesn't matter as no one will see them! Skip the ugly ties and go for the ugly boxers!

7. Board Games

If your husband is into games, like mine, find a fun new board game to get him. Aim for a 2 player game if you don't have any older kids so the game doesn't sit around on the shelf waiting to be played.  Bonus, offer to play with him after he opens it!

You can find a list of our favorite 2 player games here.

8. Movies & Books

Get your dad or husband his favorite movie or book (Preferably one he doesn't own, so you may want to double-check before purchasing)!

You could also take your husband or dad to the movie theater. This tends to work out better for my husband on his birthday as the Star Wars movies always come out in December, lol, but maybe there is a movie your man is dying to see around Father's Day!

9. Give Him Some Free Time

If your husband is like mine and does take on his fair share of the parenting duties, then he probably would love a day when he doesn't feel guilty taking some time for himself. You can take the kids out for a couple of hours or he could leave the house for a few hours.

My husband does this for me on Mother's Day, so I return the favor on Father's Day. 

10. Cook or Order His Favorite Meal

If you're on a budget or don't go all out for the holiday, just make him his favorite meal! If you don't want to cook, then order out.

You can also easily combine this gift with any of the others on this list.