10 Fun Gift Ideas For Couples

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My little sister is getting married in October, so it got me thinking about gifts! What are some good gift ideas for couples? Well here are ten of my favorite ideas!

1) Instant Pot

My husband and I have talked about getting an instant pot for a while now as they sound amazing! It does everything, from steaming vegetable, making rice, slow cooking, keeping things warm, etc. Would love to have one for those busy days when we don't have time to cook, which is why I think it's a great gift for couples. After all the best gifts are the gifts you would give yourself!

2) Netflix Subscription

A Netflix subscription is the perfect gift for couples, because what couple doesn't like cuddling and watching their favorite show or even starting a new show together?

3) 2 Player Games

For the couples who like to play together, getting them a 2 player game is the perfect gift! I did a list of our favorite 2 player board and card games in a previous post you can check out here or in my Amazon Shop. If the couple is into video games, a couple of our favorites for the Nintendo Wii are Mario Kart and Mario Party.

4) Restaurant Giftcard

Many restaurants have gift cards now and they are the perfect gift for couples! Combine it with #5 to give the couple the perfect date night!

5) Movie or Show Tickets

Getting the couple movie or show tickets to a show they may like could be tricky, but luckily many movie theaters now have gift cards too! This would be a great gift to combine with #4!

6) Picnic Basket

Picnics are always a fun date idea, especially for couples who love the outdoors! A nice picnic basket would make a great gift!

7) Wine

Get the couple a bottle of their favorite wine, or something new to try! You could even get them a couple of wine glasses too.

8) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is another wishlist item we have so I'm sure any other couple would love it! Couples no longer fight over who has to vacuum, the robot vacuum cleaner will do it for you!

9) Google Home

My husband and I just purchased a couple of these finally when Target had their deal days, and they are awesome! The Google Home plays music, tells us the weather, takes notes, and so much more.

We also snagged a couple of Google Home Minis for the bedrooms.

10) Selfie Stick

The perfect gift for couples who travel or just love to take photos! Get them a tripod version so they can easily set up a camera and timer, allowing them to take better photos together.

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  1. Very nice list of household gadgets :) I have to see if I can renew some of mine, I love the instant pot, so effortless & delicious food :)

  2. I really don't know the one to choose...must say you have a good idea,,i still need to consider one of them any day i have a sharp weeding invite..keep up.

  3. Some of the gifts are great and I wouldn't have thought about them. Like the Google Home yet it's great. The picnic basket, wine and Instant pot would be amazing!

  4. And my favorites should be netflix subscription, Please don't demand that of me but you can give me that.. also Google Home will be great too, never heard or seen it before but i like it.. Those are really great idea.

  5. There are great gifts! I always struggle finding things for couples!

  6. I find it very difficult buying gifts for couples. This is a very helpful list. Thanks so much.

  7. These are great gift ideas for couples! Netflix, Instant Pot, picnic basket and restaurant gc's are my faves!

  8. Those are nice ideas for couples. It is good to have some gift cards to enjoy going to a restaurant and splurge a little.

  9. Annemarie LeBlancJuly 25, 2019 at 5:17 PM

    These are great gift suggestions! Our anniversary will be in January, and my sister's wedding anniversary is in May. Lots of time to save up for a gift for her and my brother in law. I believe they'd love the robot vacuum cleaner!

  10. What a great list of ideas!
    Another great idea (for those that like being at home) is one of those in-home hydroponic kits.
    If your prepared, you can start the growing process early, then hand them a nice little garden.
    With the lights, and the designs of the structures, it can be a great gift!

  11. We love our deebot.such great ideas here.

  12. This is a really great list! I love the Crockpot idea and the gift card to the movies! A rice cooker is one of my favorite wedding gifts I got.

  13. Love these simple but sweet gift ideas, especially the restaurant and movie tickets! However, I cannot tell you how much I love the Instant Pot.

  14. I'm only just about to hit my 20s so I have no idea why I suddenly really want that vacuum cleaner... haha am I getting old??

    Chelle | www.chellebelle2016.blogspot.com

  15. These are such good ideas specially the netflix subscription lol

  16. LMFAO - we legit have all of these things DANG IT!


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