The Animal Families Book Series is Perfect for Young Animal Lovers

Disclosure: I received the books for free from Clever Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here. 

You may remember my previous book review of the My First Emotions series from Clever Publishing, but if not, you can read my review here. Well, Clever Publishing has done it again with more cute, adorable, animal board books for babies and toddlers!

Clever Publishing's new series is called, Animal Families, written by W. Harry Kirn and illustrated by Rachael McLean. The board books are designed for ages 0 to 3, and the series consists of three books. Each book contains fun facts about animals and how they clean, learn, and go to sleep. A great way to teach toddlers about different animals and to encourage them to do the same! Perfect for your little animal lovers!

I will go over each book in a little more detail below:

Animal Families Clean-Up Time

In Animal Families Clean-Up Time, learn how humans, cats, elephants, ants, and more bathe themselves! Each colorfully illustrated page features a different animal and fun facts about how they bathe and clean themselves. Some I didn't even know! Like did you know that crocodile gets help from a bird to clean their teeth? That has to be one brave bird!

This is the perfect book to encourage your animal-loving child to bathe as they will want to be just as clean as the animals in the book!

Animal Families Time To Learn

Have you ever wondered how other animals learn? Well in Animal Families Time To Learn, you and your little one will learn how whales, lions, pigs, and other animals learn. Each page features a different animal family with fun facts about how they learn, like did you know pigs can learn how to herd sheep or that chimpanzees learn from their parents just we humans do?

Your animal-loving toddler would love this adorable board book!

Animal Families Bedtime

Just looking at the cover of this book makes me sleepy! This is the perfect book to read your baby or toddler before bed. Animal Families Bedtime is another cute book that has fun facts about how other animals sleep. Learn how dogs, bears, tigers, kangaroos, and more animals sleep! Like did you know that sea otters hold hands when they sleep, how cute is that? Or that sloths can sleep upside down?

Your animal-loving child will love learning how other animals sleep and if your lucky, the book may even help encourage them to go to sleep too!

2 More Books From Clever Publishing

Also, don't forget to check out these two new books from Clever Publishing:

My First Quiz Picture Book

My First Quiz Picture Book of Animals

Both of these books are beautifully illustrated by Tiago Americo. They are filled with colorful pictures that will attract your baby and toddler. Each image is accompanied by a question that is designed to help you get engaged with your toddler. All the questions should be easy for any adult to answer, but some may be harder for a toddler, and that's okay! The idea is for you to teach them. The questions just help make it fun.

Both books are recommended for ages 0 to 3, meaning that you can even do them with your baby. Now, of course, a baby won't answer, but they will love the fun pictures, and you can teach them what the answers are.