Top Ten Frozen 2 Christmas Gift Ideas

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Are your little ones Frozen obsessed? Here are some of my favorite Frozen 2 finds!

1. Frozen 2 Figures

I love that Target has teamed up with the Disney Store! This figure set is perfect for Frozen 2 fans!

2. Disney Frozen 2 Tin Art Kit

Perfect for the Frozen fan that also loves to draw! Available at Target.

3. Frozen 2 Kid's Bedding

This collection is so gorgeous! The Elsa blanket is my favorite!

4. Disney Frozen 2 Animators Collection Dolls

The new Anna and Elsa Disney Animator dolls are adorable! These are part of the Disney Store in Target collection.

5. Frozen 2 Lego Sets


Reenact the movie with your favorite Frozen 2 characters with these amazing lego sets! Available at Target and Amazon

6. Disney Frozen 2 Salamander Mood Light

Frozen 2 is getting an adorable new character, a salamander named Bruni! He reminds me of Pascal from Tangled. This new Bruni mood light at Target is too adorable!

7. Disney Frozen 2 Anna and Kristoff Proposal Gift Set 2pk

This Anna and Kristoff doll set is too cute! But wait, is this a spoiler? Does Kristoff propose in the new movie? I can't wait to find out!

8. Disney Frozen 2 Dolls

This Target Exclusive is my favorite! It's hard to find dolls of the queen and king!

Of all the Elsa and Anna dolls available at Target, these two sets are my favorite. I think any little girl or collector would love these! Get the Anna set here and the Elsa set here.
For the girls who love dressing up their dolls, this Target Exclusive bundle is the perfect gift! It comes with outfits from both Frozen and Frozen 2!

I also really loved these two sets. I can't wait to learn more about the Nokk in Frozen 2! Get the Kristoff and Anna set here and the Elsa and Nokk set here.

9. Frozen 2 Funko Pops   

These Funko Pops are adorable and great for any Frozen 2 Fan and/or Funko Pop collector!

10. Disney Frozen 2 Elsa & Water Nokk Jewelry Box

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  1. you are absolutely right. that crossbody bag is beautiful. i want it too!

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. The Frozen 2 collection is really beautiful and I'm loving the warm colors- just perfect for the family! I would personally love the crossbody bag. It looks so chic.

  3. Bruni reminds me of Pascal too! Love it! So many amazing gift ideas from Frozen. My girls loved the first one, can't wait for them to see this one!

  4. These are so cute! Frozen's the BEST. I especially love the matching pajama set for the whole family!

  5. Oh goodness, we are really raising the Frozen generation! My daughter is beyond obsessed and would love everything on this list.

  6. I need to start getting the things for Christmas now when I can still find them. I am sure my daughter will want it all.

  7. That salamander is adorable! I can't wait to see the movie with my girls.

  8. My daughter wants ALL of these. We were at Target today and we saw the royal family doll set. We're both kind of obsessed :P

  9. These are great gift ideas for a little girl in love with Frozen

  10. i love the family matching pajamas, would love to have that for us for, but it will be a bit awkward cause Mom is the only girl in the family :(


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