Gigantosaurus Book Series From Candlewick Entertainment Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the books from Candlewick Entertainment for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

My toddler currently loves dinosaurs, so I knew she would love these new books about Gigantosaurus! All 3 books are available on Amazon and recommended for ages 3-7. 

The Story of Gigantosaurus

In The Story of Gigantosaurus, 4 young dinosaurs named Mazu, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny set out on an adventure to find Gigantosaurus, a dinosaur they find both fascinating and terrifying. On their journey, they meet many other dinosaurs and somehow end up in the mouth of the very dinosaur they fear most! 

The book is based on the TV Series, Gigacntosaurus, and is a great way to introduce kids to the show. The illustrations are well done, very colorful, perfect for keeping your toddler's attention. 

The story itself is a little long, so your toddler (3-4 year old) may want to turn to the next page before you are done with reading. 

Gigantosaurus: The Lost Egg

In Gigantosauru: The Lost Egg, the 4 young dinosaurs, Mazu, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny, find a lost egg and are not sure what to do with it. The group of friends set out to find the egg's family, but discover it's not an easy task and get a surprise from Gigantosaurus, but not as surprising as what hatches from the egg!

This is another cute story, with a wonderful lesson that even tough guys can be gentle, encouraging kids to not be afraid to show their soft side.

I thought The Story of Gigantosaurus was long, but this one was even wordier, so again, your toddler (3-4 year old) may try to turn to the next page before you are done with reading. 

This book has the same beautiful, eye-catching illustrations that will definitely capture your little one's attention. It also comes with stickers, which your kids will love!

Gigantosaurus: Don’t Cave In

In Gigantosaurus: Don't Cave In, Mazu, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny find themselves running from Gigantosaurus. They end up hiding in a cave to get away even though they have been told a Shriekosaurus lives in there.  While in the cave, they decide to explore. What will they find and how will they get home?

This book is probably about the same length as Gigantosaurus: The Lost Egg, so if your toddler (3-4 year old) is like mine, it can be hard to wait to turn the page. They will probably be more into the pictures. 

I love the message the book gives about how it is okay to be afraid, and being brave and facing your fears.

The artwork is, once again, stunning and this book also comes with stickers! 

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  1. The artwork on these books is cute! My son loves dinosaurs, so he would probably love these!

  2. These look like so much fun, my younger children would love them!

  3. these look really cute, my so would love these books!

  4. My daughter loves to read, I'm going to look into this series! Thanks for the rec!

  5. Loving the artwork, my boy is 6 and still obsessed with dinosaurs so this can be really nice though I know his younger brother will fight him for it.

  6. Love this. I think my son would be into this. We're also in a dinosaur stage.

  7. How I miss these kinds of stories when I was a kid. Looking forward on reading them when I have my own

  8. Oh how fab these books look brilliant and I am sure kids would thin adventurous and exciting x

  9. I'm sure your daughter enjoyed it. Love the pics and the story.

  10. Wow looks great... I'd love read this cute little series of book����

  11. I love reading books that have important lessons, and the idea that these teach young kids that being afraid isn't a bad thing but being brave and facing your fears is also important! What a lovely message! And such fun stories to teach that lesson in!

  12. This looks like a very interesting book series.
    I believe that every child at some point has a phase of fascination with dinosaurs so books can be very universal

  13. A Gigantosaurus book? I really would love this. Honestly, I still enjoy watching Gigantosaurus- the four dinosaur friends make my days! It's just so fun watching with my baby cousin and helps me unwind when I'm back home.

  14. Very nice books. It is a great post. I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  15. This book looks so cute. I love how colorful and like a comicbook it is.


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