5 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas For Kids

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We usually don't celebrate Valentine's Day but decided to go the extra mile this year and I made my daughter a Valentine's Day gift basket! 

Here is what we put inside as well as some other suggestions your kids may love. 

1) Blind Boxes or Blind Bags

Our daughter is into horses and I managed to find Spirit Riding Free blind boxes on eBay and they were just over $2 per box, but you can use any blind bag or blind box figures. 

2) Playdoh

You can usually find single tubs of playdoh for 50 cents at most superstores, like Target or Walmart. I went with pink as it's Valentine's Day and our daughter so far doesn't have a color preference, but you can always pick your kid's favorite color instead! 

3) Socks

Target has cute Valentine's Day-themed socks in their dollar spot. Socks weren't originally on the list, but they had dinosaur ones and our daughter loves dinosaurs, so for $1 I thought why not?

4) Chocolate and Candy

What's Valentine's Day without some chocolate and candy? I went with a kinder egg, kinder bueno, paw patrol sky Pez dispenser ($2 at 5 Below), and an M&M plastic heart. I figured she would love the plastic heart for putting her toys in later, so it was two gifts in one. 

5) Sticker Books or Coloring Books

Our daughter loves stickers and she likes placing them in scenes. I considered making my own as I was struggling to find these, but then they showed up in the Target dollar spot! This was the most expensive thing in her basket at $3! However, you could also do coloring books. Just be aware of your basket size, as the sticker book I found didn't really fit, but I still made it work.

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  1. super cute items and super cute choices!

  2. Great suggestions. My son would probably love yellow play dough and a Paw Patrol colouring book.

  3. Nice ideas but I am pretty sure my kids will choose the playdoh and the chocolates.

  4. Great suggestions for kiddos!

  5. I've already bought my daughter the things, just need to put them together!

  6. Great gift ideas! My kids love those surprise or blind bags!

  7. A lovely post with great ideas. Playdoh is always a good idea! :) Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life


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