We Craft Box Review

This is a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are also used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.


What is We Craft Box?

We Craft Box is a monthly craft kit geared for ages 3 to 9 that is delivered to the comfort of your home. Each box contained a themed story, four or more coordinating crafts with easy-to-follow photo directions, and all materials you will need. Each box costs $29.99, but there are options to subscribe for 3, 6, and 12 months which will save you few dollars per month. Shipping is free in the USA. 

We Craft Box was founded by Betsy Wild, who has a BFA and was formerly a Creative Director. Betsy realized there was a real need for creative and easily accessible craft experiences that would encourage a child's self-expression and a chance to bond with a parent, sibling, grandmother, or another key figure in their life.  

The We Craft Box comes with everything needed. There is nothing to buy or organize, and because Betsy is a trained artist, each kit includes a valuable and age-appropriate art lesson.

There are fun holiday-themed boxes as well and since Halloween is coming up fast, now would be the time to subscribe! The Halloween box (“The Halloween Monster Mash”) will be available to purchase in September and will ship on October 1st. 

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My Review

We were sent two boxes to try and review. 

The first box we opened with the "King of The Pond" box. Inside were four crafts, and enough supplies for two kids. My daughter really loved the clay and she still plays with it every now and then, making her own creations. I personally loved the sensory bottle, though the craft instructions say to use water, my husband pointed out that mineral oil might have been a better option since the beads fall so fast in the water. The glitter still is mesmerizing though. There was also a fish kite and a frog mask activity. 

The second box was titled "The Magical Circus." What I thought was really cool was about this kit was that the box was part of the craft! One of the crafts was to make your own circus tent using the box. The other crafts included were a lion in a hot air balloon, bears on a tightrope, elephants with umbrellas, and a clay plate activity. 

My child was four at the time we got these boxes and she loved a lot of the crafts. She was able to do most of them with only a little help from us. 

I would definitely recommend this box for anyone who is struggling to come up with craft ideas for their children or who just enjoys the convenience of having all the supplies needed in one box. 

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