A Subscription Box For Backyard Chicken Keepers - CoopCrate Review

This is a sponsored post. I recieved the product for free in exchange for an honest reivew. All thoughts and opinons are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

We got our chickens in 2020 and we currently have five hens. You can check out my previous post to learn more about our backyard chicken journey. 

Sadly two of the first five chickens we had are no longer with us. The rooster went to another home as our city does not allow them and we unexpectedly lost River. We think it was a heart attack as I opened the coop and she was just lying there. It's like she had just suddenly fallen off the roost. We added two pullets later on so we are now back to five chickens.

I knew there were subscription boxes for dogs and cats but was surprised to discover that there is a subscription box for chickens too! CoopCrate is the subscription box for backyard chicken keepers. For just $32.99 a month, you will receive a box full of goodies for your chickens and even a few for you. 

Don't have chickens? CoopCrate makes a great gift! You can order a box or few for your favorite chicken-keeping friend. One gift box is $40 but the price drops to just $25 per box if you purchase a 12-month gift subscription.

Shipping is free for US residents and a portion of each sale goes to chicken shelters. Each box you receive will feature a chicken you helped! Plus, each month you have the chance to win a free chicken coop! Just look for the golden ticket in your box. If you find one, you're a lucky winner! 

I actually purchased a CoopCrate earlier this year when they were on sale and just recently I was gifted one in exchange for a review, so we have received two boxes from CoopCrate. I think they are worth the price and would get one again in the future.

Here is what was inside the CoopCrate we received:

1. Feather Brush

This brush is so soft, perfect for cleaning your chickens' feathers and they will enjoy the groom!

2. Chicken Foot Grooming Tool

This was a handy tool we didn't know we needed, but definitely great to have on hand, especially if one of your chickens happens to get bumblefoot.

3. Chicken Egg Scrubbie

This was my favorite thing in the box! It cleans the eggs really well. 

4. Heavenly Hens Almond Crumble Feed Mixer

This can be mixed into their feed, or you can sprinkle it on the treats or scraps you give your chickens. 

5. William Farms Chia Seed Super Food Supplement

I love to sprinkle these on fruit and give them to the chickens, but you can mix it in their feed too. 

6. Crazy Chicken Lady Candy Company "Chicken Feet" Gummies

One of the items for you in this box! I thought they were yummy and so did my daughter.

7. Plush Chicken

Another item for you or your child! My daughter saw it and immediately wanted it, but you can see the cute little yellow chick in my full box photo.

8. Stella's Famous Flock Spoilers Tasty Black Solider Fly Larvae

This is one of our chickens' favorite treats!

9. Keep Calm and Love Chickens Sticker

This sticker is too cute! It's pretty big too, perfect for a laptop case or sticking on your car.

10. Coop Tips - Medicinal Herbs, Seeds & Plants For Chickens

My box came with a really nice card detailing what herbs, seeds, and plants are safe for chickens and why they are good for chickens. Definitely handy for knowing what is safe to give them!

11. Hen Humor

There was another card with a cute little chicken-related joke. 

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