I, Matter by Laquita Bolden Book Review & Author Interview

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I, Matter Book Review

I, Matter by Laquita Bolden is the first book of the My Little Scientist series, which is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The elementary book series also teaches kids social-emotional skills and features students of color.

I believe representation is so important in books as we live in a diverse world and I make it my mission to purchase a variety of books for my daughter so she can see all the shapes and colors humans come in. I also feel that seeing others in fields you are interested in that look like you is highly encouraging. 

I, Matter is a unique book in that it combines science and emotions. Through Aubrey, kids will learn about solids, liquids, and gasses. They will also learn how to handle the strong emotions they are experiencing. Aubrey becomes invisible due to her anger towards her family for not noticing her. Realizing this, she focuses on happy memories and she is no longer invisible. She talks to her mom about her dream, her feelings, and her mother comforts her. 

The book is geared towards elementary-aged kids so the illustrations are more simplistic and it's a little longer of a read. 

Where Can I Find I, Matter?

I, Matter by Laquita Bolden is available on Amazon.

An Interview With Author Laquita Bolden

Q. What was the inspiration behind I Matter?

I was inspired to write “I, Matter” the first book in a series called My Little Scientist because through my own life journey I realized the importance of representation. Seeing other people that looked like me in the Science field gave me the strength to finish my Bachelors in Biology and the confidence to embrace my natural love for science.

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

The characters are inspired by my niece and nephews! I used their real names in this book!


Q. What was your favorite childhood book?

I loved to read so many books when I was a child, but one of my favorite book series to read was The Berenstain Bears.


Q. Was science always your favorite subject? Why?

I fell in love with science in the 7th grade when I learned about astronomy. After this class, I loved every science class I took after that. I love science because it’s about learning how things work! You learn the details that make things in this world so unique.

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