5 Tips for Cooking and Baking With Kids

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1) Mentally Prepare

When it comes to cooking or baking with kids, it's important to have patience and to expect a mess. This is especially important if you know messes can trigger you because kids, especially young kids, will make messes while learning to cook and bake. Be prepared for flour to cover the counters and batter to splash out of the bowl. It may also take twice as long to make something with a child helping compared to just doing it yourself.

Cooking and baking are important skills for your child to learn and starting young is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen, so I suggest picking a day or time when life is not as stressful.

2) Measure Out Ingredients Beforehand

This more so applies to little kids that are not able to read recipe directions. It will also help make the process less messy as there is less scooping and pouring they have to do as they can just dump the pre-measured ingredients into the bowl or pot, depending on what you are baking or cooking. 

3) Apron

Get your kid an apron. This will help keep their clothes clean. It also makes it fun as they will feel like a chef in their apron. 

Miniware has a cool new product called the Catch & Cover. It's a bib that can turn into an apron and vice versa with just a few snaps! It's for ages 8+ months to 6+ years. Our child is five and the apron just fits her. I'm not sure if it'll make it to age 6, but we shall see!

4) Step Stool

If your child is unable to reach the counter, you will need a step stool or kitchen helper. For some recipes, you could even bring the ingredients to the dining table and have them mix them together there before you put them in the oven. 

5) Make It Fun!

This could be as simple as letting them pick what to cook as they will be more excited to make it if they picked it. 

You can let them pick in other areas too. Some examples: If making cookies or a cake, they can pick the sprinkles or frosting colors. If making pizza, let them choose the toppings. 

Another way to have fun is to listen to music while cooking or baking.