Apple Pie Painting Pet Portrait Review

I received a free Apple Pie Painting kit in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. You can read my full disclosure here.

About Apple Pie Painting

Apple Pie Painting makes painting your pet easy! You send them a photo of your furry friend and they will create a paint by number canvas of your pet for you. No previous painting skills are required! I have not painted since middle school, so this was fun for me to do. 

Included in the kit are:
  • Your Hand Sketched Custom Canvas
  • Photo Color Key
  • Your Choice Of Paint Colors
  • 3 High-Quality Brushes 
  • 10 Well Paint Palette
  • Easy To Follow Instructions

Not a fan of painting? They have an option to purchase digital portraits as well!

My Apple Pie Painting Experience

I chose to make it challenging by sending in a photo of our merle mini Australian shepherd and it took me three days to finish. I could have probably done it in two had I not had other distractions. If your pet is not as colorful as our dog, then you can probably finish it in one day. The paint dries really quick!

I would love to do this again for our other pets. It was so much fun and I was amazed at how well it turned out, especially as I have not painted in ages! 

One thing I noticed is that some of the color by number sheet's colors weren't exactly the same as the paint that was sent, which was a good thing as I preferred the colors on my canvas compared to the picture, so don't worry too much if the photo sheet does not look quite right as the paint will!


Apple Pie Painting Tips!

Apple Pie Painting does include some easy instructions with their kit but I learned some things along the way in my painting experience that I thought I would share to make it easier for others.

1. Start with the lighter colors first!

It seems obvious after the fact but I kind of just dove in and after a while I realized it would have been easier to do the lighter colors first as you can cover up the mistakes and lines easier with the darker colors later. The only exception is the eyes! Do the white dot last.

2. More coats may be needed for light colors.

The instructions say to do two coats of paint but I found for light colors like white and pink, I needed as many as four coats in order to cover up the gray outlines and color number.

3. Don't bother with the palette!

I am not really sure why a palette is included as there is no mixing involved. All the colors are given to you. Unless you are an advanced painter and plan to do your own thing rather than follow the numbers, I would just skip using the palette and dip your brush into the paint jars. One less thing to clean!

4. Always pat dry your brush between rinses.

In my eagerness, I quickly wiped my brush on a paper towel but in doing so my brush was too wet and then the paint went on a little watery. I learned quickly to make sure to take the time to pat dry my wet brush really well so that would not happen again. 

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