Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Years 6 to 10

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My husband and I have been together for 10 years! I posted what we did for the first five previously in this post. Here is what we did for years six through ten:

6th Anniversary - Candy or Iron

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store 

We took a trip to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store and bought some candy.


7th Anniversary - Copper or Wool

Pressed Penny

We took another trip to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store this year as we had so much fun the previous year, but to get one of the traditional gifts in, we pressed a penny in their penny press as pennies have copper in them.

8th Anniversary - Bronze or Pottery

Ceramic Utensil Crock

For this anniversary we went with pottery as it was hard to come up with useful things made of bronze and we needed a new utensil crock. We ordered the RSVP International Kitchen Tool Countertop Organizer in red from Amazon and love it! So big and has dividers so you can sort your spoons and spatulas. 

9th Anniversary - Pottery or Willow Wood

Ceramic Coasters

Apparently, the ninth anniversary is also pottery! We thought about doing a picnic basket for willow, but we hardly do picnics. However, we did need new coasters, and we chose to turn it into a fun craft. We bought plain ceramic coasters from Amazon and acrylic pour-painted them. 


10th Anniversary - Tin or Aluminum

Pokemon Card Tins

We recently got back into Pokemon cards and got each other Pokemon tins! Though the tins aren't technically made of tin (actual tin is apparently hard to find!) or aluminum, they are listed as and called tins, so we made it work!