DIY Mod Podge Tissue Frame

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I managed to snag a signed Taylor Swift Folklore and Evermore insert when they were posted in the Taylor Swift store. I wanted a fun way to display them and decided I would frame them together as they are sister albums. 

I had a ton of confetti from all my Taylor Swift purchases, which I held on to, and thought it would be cool to decorate the frame's mat with them. I loved how it turned out and had to share it as this technique can be used on any mat!

Here is what you'll need:

  • Picture Frame with Mat 
  • Tissue Confetti 
  • Mod Podge 
    • I used clear, but you can pick whatever finish you like best
  • Scissors and/or Exacto Knife
  • Paint Brush


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First, I recommend doing some practice runs on extra cardboard you have lying around as mats can be expensive and you only really get one go at it, though minor errors can easily be covered up by adding more tissue. This will give you an idea of how the colors look together and how many layers you might like.

  2. Next, start by adding mod podge to the frame with a paintbrush. Place your first tissue cut out on it and then coat that in mod podge. Continue until you have decorated or covered the frame how you would like and then give it one final mod podge coat. 


  3. Once dry (according to my mod podge, it'll be about two hours), you can trim off the tissue hanging over the edges with your scissors. I found using an Exacto knife made the edges sharper and neater, but you'll have to be careful as you don't want to scratch up your mat!


  4. Put the mat into your frame with your photos and you're done!