Dragon Boat Festival Children's Books

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Double Fifth Festival, occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. The festival honors the patriotic Chinese poet, Qu Yuan.

Here are some children's books to help kids learn about and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

1. My Dragon Boat Festival by Bing Ge

A little boy returns to his family's hometown to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. He learns about all his family traditions, from making zongzi to watching the dragon boat race. A great book to introduce this important Chinese holiday to children. 

Great for ages 4 to 8.

2. Awakening The Dragon by Arlene Chen

This is a great book for introducing what the Dragon Boat Festival is and how it is celebrated. It's geared towards older children wishing to learn more about the holiday.

It's recommended for ages 6 to 9. 

3. Moonbeams, Dumplings, and Dragon Boats by Nina Simonds, Leslie Swartz, and The Children's Museum, Boston

This book contains stories, recipes, and activities for many Chinese holidays including the Dragon Boat Festival. Great for older kids interested in learning about different holidays and festivals that are celebrated in China. 

Great for ages 4 to 7.

4. Explore Your World: The Dragon Boat Race by Kathy McCullough

Mulan decides that her village should enter the Dragon Boat race. Together they build a boat and create a time, but the race does not go as planned. Mulan reminds them that they worked hard and could not give up. It's a great story to introduce the Dragon Boat Festival to little ones as well as show them perseverance.  

It's recommended for ages 3 to 5. 

5. Our Double Fifth Celebration by Yobe Qiu

This book shows how different countries celebrate the Double Fifth or Dragon Boat Festival. A great way to show children how the same holiday can be celebrated differently in different parts of the world!

I think this book would be great for ages 4 to 8.

6. Red Eggs & Dragon Boats by Carol Stephanchuk

This nonfiction book would be better suited for older kids. It goes over several different Chinese festivals, including the Dragon Boat Festival. It includes facts, recipes, and stories associated with each festival. 

7. One Is a Drummer: A Book of Numbers by Roseanne Thong

This Asian-themed counting book is a fun way to teach kids how to count and learn about culture at the same time. 

It's recommended for ages 3 to 5. 

8. Dragon Boat Festival Wishes by Jillian Lin

This bilingual book is told in English and Chinese (no pin yin) and includes three stories. One features a family where the kids share their traditions. The second story is about Qu, the Chinese Poet, who is the story behind the holiday. The last section of the book focuses on facts and history around the Dragon Boat Festival. 

It's recommended for ages 2 to 6.