Taylor Swift's Rep Tour VS Eras Tour

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I've been a swiftie since Taylor's first song, Tim McGraw. I grew up listening to Taylor Swift, but unfortunately, that meant I was a kid and I didn't have money, so it wasn't until her Reputation Tour in 2018 that I was finally able to afford to go to one of her concerts, and I recently was lucky enough to also attend her Eras Tour. It's interesting to see how much her popularity grew between the two tours.

Purchasing tickets for her Reputation was easy compared to Eras. For Reputation, I went with my sister, so I remember when ticket sales were up, I was chatting with her to figure out what seats to get. The site never crashed and we ended up going with $60 tickets, which weren't the cheapest available. One of my regrets about that concert was not spending more for closer seats, but at the time Reputation wasn't my favorite album and I had high hopes she'd have another concert in Minneapolis. 

And then came her Eras Tour. My sister decided she didn't want to go this time, but I was not going to miss this concert, so I decided to go alone. I got verified fan status and was ready to go at the time Ticketmaster gave, but then the site crashed for hours! When I did finally get in, I was ready to splurge on the cheapest VIP ticket, but it would not let me check out. Turns on Ticketmaster was glitching in Chrome, and of course, I had to take my daughter to her dance lesson, so I knew my chance at good seats was gone. 

When I got back home around 6 PM, I used Firefox, got back in line, and the first few times I went in, there were no seats left or they required me to purchase 2 tickets when I only needed 1, so that was annoying, but I kept refreshing and eventually, they added a whole bunch of obstructed view seats so I snagged one because even if it wasn't the best seat, I still really wanted to go. After Ticketmaster fees, the ticket price came to around $80, which I believe was the cheapest ticket price offered. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the view I had from the seats. The photo on the left is Rep Tour and the photo on the right is Eras Tour. 

As shown in the photo, the seats we had for Reputation were higher up, but we had a view of all the stages, whereas the view for Eras, I was closer to the stage, but could not see the main stage. 

Because I could not see the main stage, except for what they showed on the video, I probably missed out on some cool props and special effects, but overall, I think the Reputation Tour was slightly better when it came to props and effects. I don't think anything can beat the giant snakes and I loved the big drums! Also, Taylor floated across the sky in a light-up basket to get to the other smaller stages. 

Here are some photos I took at Rep:


Here are some from Eras:

In the Eras tour, she mostly focused on raising and lowering platforms in the center diamond. On the main stage, which I couldn't see, but saw on the screen, it appeared she had the Lover's house and Betty's House. She also did a bit for Tolerate It and dived into the stage. 

In terms of songs, Eras Tour wins hands down. As I mentioned before, I wasn't a huge fan of her Reputation album, but I loved all her other albums. Her secret songs were Dear John and Daylight. Daylight is my favorite song from Lover, so I'm glad I went on night 2 in Minneapolis! 

Here is a Spotify Playlist of all the songs played, in order, from Eras Tour Minneapolis Night 2. 

I enjoyed both concerts and would love to attend another in the future if she continues to perform.