Top 10 Purchases of 2023

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Here were our top 10 purchases of 2023:

1. 9"x13" Mondo Llama Art Sketchbook

We got one of these on a whim for our 6-year-old because it was cheap and had a lot of pages, but it's actually a really lovely sketchbook for only $5! It has 160 pages thick enough that you or your child can draw on both sides (even with markers!), so they will last quite some time! The pages are also perforated at the top, making them easy to tear out to display on the wall or fridge. 

2. Lazy Susan


I've always wanted a Lazy Susan, aka turntable, and this was the year we finally decided to get not just one, but three! Our two favorites are from Target and the 3rd one was a thrift store find. If you don't have one of these, I definitely recommend getting one! They are great for serving and organizing kitchen counters and the pantry. 

3. True & Co. True Everybody Women's Scoop Neck Lift Bra

I've always struggled to find a comfortable padded bra and finally stumbled upon this one at Target! I love that it's wire-free and the material is so soft. I'm not totally in love with the straps and wish the cups were attached rather than removable as they get crumpled in the wash, but this is the best padded bra I've come across in a long time!

4. YouCopia UpSpace 3 Shelf Bottle Organizer

I got this as I was tired of trying to reach water bottles out from behind other bottles and this bottle organizer the perfect way to keep them in a compact space, while being able to see them all!

5. Waterproof Quilted Mattress Pad

We got new mattresses and wanted something waterproof to protect them as we have animals. This mattress pad is great as it doesn't crinkle and it already protected our mattress from a few pet accidents!

6. Book Storage Bin 

Target had these in their Bullseye's Playground during back-to-school season for $3 and they are amazing for organizing coloring books and sketchbooks. Definitely recommend these if you have a little artist at home!

7. 6 End Channel Curl Ribbon - Spritz™

I needed something to mark my lilies for when I dig and replant them in the fall, and these worked great for remembering which lily was which. 

8. Oskar Adjustable Media Rack - Atlantic

So many bookshelves are just too deep with too few shelves, so I got this one which worked perfectly for organizing my manga and can fit some other smaller books as well!

I do wish there had been more options for bookshelves with more shelves, not sure why they all come with five shelves, I don't have books that are that tall!

9. Caboodles Pretty in Petite 

My daughter started dancing and she started wearing makeup for performances, so I got her this case which is the perfect size for storing what little makeup she needs at her age. It's a great starter makeup case! 

10. D.Q.Z Toddlers Dinosaur-Dragon-Wings Costume for Kids with Mask

My daughter wanted to be a dragon for Halloween and we found this costume on Amazon. She wears it almost every day now and it's held up, so if you're looking for a great dress-up or costume for Halloween, this is a great cheap outfit that's easy for your child to put on by themselves.