Mother's Day Gifts for All Types of Moms

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Not sure what to get the woman in your life for Mother's Day? Here are some ideas based on whatever her interests or hobbies are:

The Traveler

1. Ayla & Co. Fanny Pack

Thanks to Ayla & Co for gifting me a Fanny Pack in Peacock Green, which is one of my favorite colors! This is a gorgeous bag and very high quality. I used mine on our trip to Texas. It was the perfect size and included a removable credit card wallet. 

Ayla & Co has other bags too, all of which are made of vegan leather, all of which would make a great gift for the mom who likes to travel. 

2. Travel Journal

The Fit Mom

1. inkkas Shoes

I actually got a couple pairs of inkkas shoes as a Christmas gift, but they are so cute and comfortable! I love that they are handcrafted and support workers in Peru. I have everyday walking shoes and running shoes. Both are great and would make a wonderful unique gift for the mom that works out. 

2. Water Bottle

Working out requires a lot of water, so a new stainless steel water bottle would make a great gift for the fit mom!

The Classics

1. Chocolate

I love chocolate and actually prefer it over flowers. I know there are other moms out there who are the same, but maybe skip the M&M's and opt for something a little fancier. 

2. Flowers

Most people love receiving flowers. It's almost expected on Mother's Day, but you can always pair it with another item on this list to make her day a little extra special. 

For a mom who has more of a green thumb, you could also buy her seeds, bulbs, or starter plants that she can plant in the yard or the garden.

3. Wine

Another classic gift that is still appreciated and it pairs well with chocolate!

The Early Riser

1. Coffee

2. Mug

A "Best Mom" mug is like a right of passage, so if your mom doesn't have one yet, this would be a great gift and you can pair it with a gift card or coffee.

3. Thermos

Instead of a mug, a thermos would also be a great gift, especially for moms on the go. 

The Reader

1. Barnes & Noble's Gift Card

While you could get your mom or wife a book, as a book lover myself, I find a gift card works better as it can be hard to remember what one has already read or would like to read. I know some feel a gift card isn't as personable, so another option would be to ask her what books she would like to read that she doesn't already own. 

2. Bookmark

As a reader, I can never have too many bookmarks as I seem to always misplace them, so your mom may be the same. You can also get more personable and creative in this area as a bookmark is easy enough to make!

The Movie Buff

1. Popcorn & Candy

These buckets show up at Christmas all the time, but you can make your own for Mother's Day if your mom is a big fan of movie nights. 

2. Movie

Get her a movie she loves or wants to see, or if you aren't sure, you can always buy her a movie theater gift card or a subscription to her favorite streaming service. 

A Night Off

Some mom's just want a night to relax, so give her the night off from parenting duties so she can have some much-needed time to herself. Here are some physical gifts you can give her as well:

1. Pajamas

2. Tea

3. Bath Bombs

The Music Lover

1. CD or Vinyl

Get her a CD or vinyl she doesn't own by her favorite artist or if unsure, a gift card is a great alternative.

2. Apparel

Find out her favorite artist or genre and get her a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie!

3. Concert Tickets

If one of her favorite artists is coming to an area near you, get her tickets!

The Fashionista

1. Jewelry

2. Clothes

The Gamer

1. Board Games

For mom's that like to play games, getting her a new board game to play with the family would be a great gift!