Our Top 15 Favorite Shows For Toddlers

Being the mom of a 2-year-old, I have gone through a lot of shows to find ones that my toddler will enjoy and that we approve of. Here are our 15 favorites; the first 10 are available on Netflix and the last 5 are on YouTube.

Top 10 Netflix Shows For Toddlers

1. True and The Rainbow Kingdom

You may recognize this show as we dressed as these characters for Halloween! Our daughter is obsessed with this adorable show about a girl named True and her best friend, Bartleby, who solve problems with the help of magical wishes! True and The Rainbow Kingdom is very colorful, which we think is what originally grabbed her attention, and teaches some valuable friendship lessons as well as the importance of staying calm in a sticky situation.

2. Octonauts

This is another cute show on Netflix that focuses on a team of divers, called Octonatus, who help ocean creatures in need. The sea animals are what attracted our daughter to this show and we love the educational component to it as they teach fun facts about the sea creature in need, which is summed up in a fun song at the end of the show!

3. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Our daughter went through a phase of loving cars and buses, so the "yellow bus" caught her attention! Plus my husband and I both loved the original, so we were excited to watch this with her. The educational component is also great, though often exaggerated.

4. Word Party

My daughter has been watching this since she was 1. It's aimed at toddlers as it's a show about babies who learn a new word in each episode. There are some great teachable moments in this series too. I really liked the episode about using the potty and think that one would be helpful for kids who are ready to be potty trained.

5. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

This one is honestly more for me than my daughter as I am a huge fan and have seen every episode. However, my daughter is obsessed with the Halloween and Christmas episodes! For some reason, those ones fascinate her the most. I thought she would love it more because of the bright colors and ponies (she loves horses), but this one isn't at the top of her requests. I love the friendship messages the show has, so hopefully, she'll become more interested in it as she gets older.

6. Titipo Titipo

Our daughter loves trains, cars, buses, anything with wheels really, so it was no wonder she would latch onto this cute show about a train. There are a lot of little life and friendship lessons in this show as well.

7. Tayo The Little Bus

From the same makers of Titipo Titipo, Tayo the Little Bus is about a bus, so of course, our daughter loved this one too. Pretty much the same as Titipo Titipo in the lessons it teaches, but just a different setting as it is buses and not trains.

8. If I Were an Animal

If you have an animal like we do, this show is for your little one! I have tried other documentaries, but they don't hold her attention as well as this one does. It's genius that this show uses two kids to talk about the animals. I think hearing the kids narrate, along with the cute baby animals, is what captivated our daughter. She's watched this series twice now!

9. Pocoyo

Our daughter loved this a lot when she was 1 and a half. It's a simple show with some interaction and she loved to narrate it for us. There are a lot of cute laughable moments too. Now that she's almost 3, she has lost interest in it, but still occasionally asks for it.

10. Charlie's Colorforms City

I'm pretty sure the bright colors attracted our daughter to this show. This one is interactive too, and love that it encourages kids at the end to make their own stories.

Top 5 YouTube Shows For Toddlers

1. Little Baby Bum

This is also on Netflix, but I added it to the YouTube section as there are tons more videos on YouTube. Our daughter has learned many songs from this, her favorite being 5 Little Ducks. Also pretty sure this is where she first learned shapes! Besides songs, Little Baby Bum also has its own show about a yellow bus named Buster, which of course, our daughter loves.

2. Blippi

Recommended to my husband by a coworker, we looked this up and our daughter fell in love. Blippi is basically an adult man who acts like a little kid in order to encourage them to learn. He goes to cool places, like zoos and museums, and talks about what he sees.

3 PinkFong!

The creators of Baby Shark! Every little kid loves Baby Shark, so it was no surprise that our daughter would too! They have a bunch of other songs as well, which she loves. Halloween Shark is her current favorite.

4. Super Simple Songs

Similar to Little Baby Bum, just slightly different animation. Our daughter loves singing, so she got really into the song videos.

5. BabyBus

BabyBus is another YouTube channel that does songs, but they do have some story like shows too that attracted our daughter's attention.