15 Awesome Non-Candy Halloween Treats For Trick-or-Treaters

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Looking for some non-candy Halloween treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters this year? Check out these fantastic finds on Oriental Trading!


1. Glow Bracelets

These are available in packs of 50 or 100!

Besides being fun treats, they're great for kids to wear while out trick or treating so they can easily be seen by cars in the dark.

2.  Mini Spiral Notepads

These come in packs of 48! They also have Halloween-themed notepads that come in packs of 72. 

3. Toy Men

These zombie and skeleton men come in packs of 72.

These would be fun to use with the skateboards that I have listed at 6!

4. Stickers

The rolls have 100 stickers. The sheets range from 24 to 100.

You can cut up the rolls to give each kid a few stickers.

5. Stampers

These come in packs of 24.

6. Toy Skateboards

These come in sets of 36. 

My daughter got a few of these last year and loves them! They're great for playing with little action figures, like the Paw Patrol pups or Pokemon figures!

7. Bubbles

These are available in packs of 48 or 144.

8.  Finger Traps

Comes with 72 pieces.

9. Finger Puppets

Comes with 72 cardboard puppets.

10. Coloring Books

The regular coloring books are available in packs of 72 or 144. The coloring books are size 5" x 7" and each book has 6 pages. The Jokes coloring books come in packs of 24.

11. Stress Balls

These are sold in packs of 24.

12. Plastic Toy Animals

The dinosaurs come with 96 and the others come with 48 pieces.

We did the snakes as favors for my daughter's snake-themed birthday party. The kids loved them!

13. Mini Wands

These come in packs of 24.

14. Erasers

These range from 24 to 144 pieces per pack depending on style.

15. Pencils

These come in 24, 72, and 144 counts.