Dragon Themed Kids Birthday Party

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The Venue

We celebrated my child's fifth birthday party at Snake Discovery, but she decided she wanted to go back again for their 7th birthday party. Dragons are reptiles, so it fits the theme, and they have three different programs, so we chose a different one. This time it was "Reptiles Around the World" and we got to see some different critters than we did last time. 

All of her friends were really into it and the parents were too! I think there was only one kid who was a little nervous, but there was no pressure to hold or touch the animals. They all enjoyed exploring the zoo and a lot of her friends even stayed after the party to explore the zoo some more. 


The Cake

I went with cupcakes for my child's party. I was able to find some small dragon figures from Amazon to place on top of the cupcakes. The kids loved the little figures!


I kept it simple and got some How To Train Your Dragon plates and napkins from Oriental Trading. 
My daughter also wore her dragon costume that we had gotten on Amazon for Halloween. I highly recommend this costume as it's held up quite well and she's worn it a lot. 

Party Favors

The kids got to keep the dragons on their cupcakes, but I also made some cute dragon goodie bags. I followed the snake pattern that I did a couple years ago but turned them into dragons by using The Inspiration Edit's dragon mask design

A while back I learned how to make snake shed jewelry. I noticed they kind of looked like dragon eggs, so I made the kids' necklaces using snake shed from our corn snake and then I added a little dragon charm. It was a huge hit! I also included some dragon stickers for them too.


I printed off some dragon coloring pages from Monday Mandala and brought a bunch of crayons so the kids had something to do while waiting for all the guests to arrive.